Vote for the dog!

Andhra Pradesh is close to the cross-roads of assembly elections and every political party is making moves to get on top of each other. While there are no saints, there are no dogs either (how unfortunate). The ruling Congress doesn’t trust in our constitution, they have their own and they think that every inch of AP belongs to them (sorry! only the land not the people). The opposition and one time cameo party TDP is over-confident that they would bounce back and continue their ‘reforms’ (Intel might be selling RFID based milk packets).

Most interesting news was that Chiru (I like to call him that way) wants to make his mark on the political map and cannot conceive anything less than an CM post. He is ambitious and I must say the honest of the lot. He is also emotional and things will be good or bad if he comes to power, only time can tell us that answer and I don’t have anything more to add for this guy. There are others, like KCR (he is fortunate to be known by his initials, please make room FDRs and JFKs) whose nose is most honest that his mouth, at least the size remains same. I think his dream is to become a CM, even if its non Telangana, be it just Nampally (a very famous place in Hyderabad). Whether or not his dream comes true, the day his party comes to power, people can forget their dreams.

Of course there are some honest pitches like Lok Satta who wants to bring the difference by not doing any good (distribute sarees, liquor, money) to voters, well better luck guys! And, there are dogs, just stray dogs. You pick one and give them some food and they will do what ever you want.

But your bad-luck they are not contesting, but I still insist “vote for the dog”.

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