The Faces of Democracy – #1

Should I begin with the worst or best, I stay put; worst first.

Now here is the face who undoubtedly can claim the #1 spot, congratulations, you are the winner! Now it was hard for the Kulvakurthi Chandrasekhara Rao God to make a man who is a theif, pimp, bastard, murderer, terrorist, ethic-less and a traitor all in one, but you know the game, he is God and he always wins.

Brief Profile
Name: Kulvakuntla Chandrasekhara Rao
Resident of: Andhra Pradesh (he wants to make it into 2 pieces)
Ambition: Become a CM (even if its just for Nampally, Hyderabad)
Party: Telangana Rashtra Samadhi (sorry! Samiti)
Supports: Whoever gives him money

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