Goats, Pigs and Politics

My sincere apologies for Goats and Pigs as I am about to compare them with people. I know that they deserve better status in the ecosystem but unfortunately they have become slang for human behavioral patterns.

Few people of Telangana (mind it, they are not citizens of India as they do not show any respect to the land of the law) have supposedly sacrificed their lives hearing the news that KCR has been remanded to custody. So dear goats, do you really care about KCR that you put him before your life which you owe to your family and parents? Either you are stupid or you are mentally retarded, any way the world would not mourn for such idiots in the first place, but pity your decision did hurt your family members, so you are better off not staying on this planet and thank you. Some other goats (again people) disrupted normal life of other fellow citizens by declaring so called ‘Bandh’. I do not know what constitutional right gives them the authority to stage such acts and where the keepers of law and order are? You have to actually beat a goat to follow a person (coming up shortly) like KCR.

Pigs, sorry Pig
Now there are people who are equivalently moron but differ themselves in dictating to goats. KCR is one such person. A criminal by constitution he had long forgone his human nature and turned a pig, BIG. His Telangana movement is so flawed and simultaneously a laughter. His ambition to become CM for at least some part of the land has made him turn a crook and kept him in the law books under various acts of crime, no less than kidnapping, robbery, murder, pimp and flesh trade. His people cheating act of fast-unto-death on November 29th was such a shameless act that I am even ashamed of comparing him with a pig as at least it contributes something to the ecology around us. People even eat port, but this bastard is worthless, his blood in blue.

The above two, didn’t get it. Goats+Pigs.

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