How to axe your own foot?

Oh simple, just pretend to be a TRS activist for few hours. The greed of one bastard called KCR has turned the nothing-for-good students into mindless dogs and took them to streets and axe their own foot. What next? Nampally Vimochana Samiti, Barkatpura Independence Union?

The outrageous acts of so called TRS gooda activists has not only posed threat to general public but has created disruption in normal life and would put a great dent in economic progress. Why section 144? Shoot those morons on sight! They are of no use to the human society anyway. How many of those so called TRS activists know what they are up to? So what makes their agitation to bring Telangana as a separate state actually achieve? You ask this question to 1000 activists, you get 1000 answers. They are that rotten section of population who doesn’t have anything to do and are parasitic in nature. They love to be fed on others blood and hard work. So called leaders like KCR feed on these crack heads and build their personal wealth.

If the armed forces are really created to safeguard our country from enemies, hello, you have plenty of them within your country. They should be shot point blank, period. When the world wants to move ahead as one, these bastards try to divide along caste, creed, religion, color, region, language and even work.

If destruction of public property yields states, constitutions I guess we are living in a nomad world. I am more disappointed by the fact that people believe that a stupid like KCR will go on a hunger strike. His ambition to be in power and his greed to become a CM has already took its toll on development and disrupting taxpayer’s life.

With judiciary sleeping and law enforcement became mere spectators, the order of life is at is chaos. I think the God has to incarnate to eradicate this blood sucking mosquitoes.

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