WHAT’s at the end of the tunnel?

Hello Planet Earth? This is a resident alien trying to establish a contact to the fellow humans on planet Earth? Please acknowledge, beep beep. (The signal broke). Apparently everyone on the planet is unhappy, REALLY? Oh Yeah! There is just no light at the end of the tunnel. You know what, it happens sometimes, when the head and tail don’t see each other and we realize that we live in a deep shit. Nonetheless, worry not! We have so many programs now to keep all of us happy, AGAIN. Skimming through the headlines…

  • 8, 9, … # of girls claiming to have a ‘favored’ relationship with the Tiger
  • Oil prices are down from $70.60 to $70.13 due to lack in demand, so who told them that there was when it went up?
  • TARP is extended till the end of the next year, are you listening Burney guy?
  • Fed agreed that Tax Payers lost $61 billion on AIG and Auto Industry bail-outs. Sorry this is not new to you!
  • BofA repays $45 billion back to the government (TARP fund). How? cooking with financial industry again.
  • Goldman Sacs forbids employee parties (no more than 11 can meet in a group). Oops! they all reserved the same banquet by mistake @*!
  • S&P 500 grew from 680+ to 1090+ in 8+ months. Read this and below.
    If ExonMobile goes up by 20%, S&P goes up by 0.6899%, so what does it take for S&p to grow by approximately 200%. God knows.
  • Mortgage Interest rates are low, Hello! how many of you have 20% equity in your home? Raise your fingers (I get more count that way).
  • US is sending 30k more troops to the land of unknown. Bravo soldiers but you are fighting with ideology and not enemy.
  • Copenhagen hosted climate change summit. So what is changing again?
  • 2009 will mark the end of the worst decade in the history of United States. Is this the end of the tunnel, ha!
  • So most of our friends have iPhone 3GS, without the 3G. They’ve become more productive than before, ask their wives if you want to.

News from home country (bye bye from 21st)

  • Center agreed partially to move on separate Telangana. Oh shit! I forgot to fight for Seetharambagh, I lived there for 15 years.
  • TRS President was fasting in a hospital on IV and some juice and some protein biscuits and some vitamin tablets and some idly and my be Biryani and seldom some chicken. McDee are you listening, you can add KCR combo in your upcoming menu.
  • Reddy brothers mining was mostly illegal, SC declares. So what? isn’t India a Federal Independent Republic and everyone has equal right in looting the other? Com’on now?
  • End of the road for Bajaj scooters. So sad, most of us have wonderful memories, unbelievable but true.

Now the good news..

  • Do you want me to cook up something, here you go. WE ARE ALL HAPPY!
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