It’s your turn people!

Telangana agitation took a different route this week. The JAC brutally murdered an innocent student by burning him alive and made him a martyr. How do I know? Because there is no reason for that innocent soul to commit suicide. More than anything he gives a damn to Telangana. He is doing his masters’s in Computer Applications and would like to graduate and then get on to work for some Multi-National and then probably earn a 5 figure salary and spend his rest of life in peace and riches, period!

After a series of ‘Bandhs’ in the state and burning public property in the name of agitation, tide has turned to people. Well done Telanganites. Not only you proved yourself to be on par with bastard politicians like KCR, you have yet again demonstrated how uncivilized you are. I bring my head in shame to have born (most unfortunately) in the same region. Osmania University has been reduced to laughing stock and students have turned into barbarians. Killing an innocent student on the name of agitation is far beyond politics. The local law enforcement is ‘impotent’ enough to reveal the secrets behind his death.

I am happy though, happy for that boy to have become a martyr for couple of days as news channels for their TRP rating must have already interviewed his near and dear (zillion times). I am sad for that boy as he left as a un-satisfied soul trashing his and his family hopes.

So people of Telangana, kudos on becoming uncivilized, bravo on achieving barbarism and congratulations on the new generation politics. Well, be prepared to burn your mother and father next.

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