Mera Bharat ….( ! Mayhem ! ) – Part #1

Everyday I make it a point to read news, both US and India. Its more of an obsession than knowledge mining and of course NEWS in reality is more gossip than happenings. There is more ‘creation’ than reporting and “I am mislead” is no misnomer.

News from India is more disturbing than anywhere else. Two reasons, one being the fact that my roots are from India and my most near and dear still live in India and secondly my inclination towards India being one of the global powers on the world map. When Rakesh Sharma was in space to become the first Indian ever to have gone into terrestrial space, he was relaying back to Earth his views and experience and the then PM Indira Gandhi have asked him “How does India look like from the outer space?”, his answer was more than a statement and experience which goes “Mera Bharat Mahan”. The sense of pride attached to it go a long way not just encompassing the achievement but a feeling that comes right from one’s heart rather than head.

Unfortunately, I cannot simply glance and let the news go by without forcing myself to plant a thought in my head and scar my heart almost every day. The incidents that trigger are so backward in thinking and ridiculous in nature that I sometimes wonder..IT COULD ONLY HAPPEN IN INDIA. ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ is now a small sentence that adore Incredible India! campaign and some tourism books.

There is no doubt that I am very proud for being born as Indian and shared its rich glory, tradition, culture, good, bad and what not for 25 long years. No amount of thanks or deed shall replace that pride nor value for being one. But, true to my heart, can I say now proudly “I was an Indian”, I do not know? This very question forms the basis of thought process that the Indian society is going to a place that no single heart wants to, honestly. Progress should not be measured with green bucks, cars and multi-plex theater complexes or the glittering shopping malls. Economy does not reflect people’s progress nor the society’s. Did we grew in our tradition, values, culture? is what one has to ask oneself, day in and day out. Look at our politicians, majority of them are murderers, petty thieves, roadside goondas, rowdies, pimps and everything even a shit-eating pig would be down with shame. How are they cropping up? How do they influence the society? How bad is India looted? Only questions and no answers.

Shiv Sena wants to stop Shah Rukh Khan’s new movie as they think he is less patriotic? What bullshit is this. Are we even living in a society? These bastards should be hanged in public, burned in broad day light and dragged on the streets like pigs. MNS wants to employ only Marati speaking public (are they OK if that guy is even a terrorist?). Ridiculous as they sound, it is people’s inability and ineffectiveness that made these political bastards grow strong. They go beyond politics and restore entirely on rowdyism.

The problem that we face in India internally is neither terrorism, maoists, economy, poverty, under development and any other paraphernalia attached in the upliftment of society. The problem lies with politicians, the problems lies in creation of these politicians, the problem lies in making politics because of these politicians. They make laws (that they do not abide), they write amendments (that suite them) and they dictate how the society should operate (they are limitless). The judicial, legislative and executive branches of the government in a Democratic society have to work in tandem for people and people only.

Being a plurarist society India can least afford division based on language, caste, creed, religion or race. Be it a Hindu fundamentalist party like Shiv Sena or a completely Islamic MIM, political parties should never have existed on the basis of religion. On top it, we already have multitude of languages and political bastards like KCR in Andhra Pradesh try to cash in the innocent sentiments of people and float a party on the basis of language and region. We often boast that the first rays of knowledge rose from India and its a cradle for the Human evolution, but how far back have this been true to their qualities? Today’s society is either careless or compromising. They have adopted a very dangerous habit of living under lies and betrayal. Politicians often work for their individual benefit and are always hungry for power. Back in 80’s a political fiasco to the tune of Rs.1 Crore was often considered treason, while in 90’s it has progressed to tens of crores of rupees. Advancement of global economy and its flat structure have inflated those to thousands of crores in the current decade. People neither have time nor interest in pursuing these vital drains in our economy. I can bet my cents on how huge the Swiss bank illegal savings would be owned by Indian politicians, few countries combined GDP will be dwarfed low enough to put up their shame. The society is now inflicted either with politicians who are power hungry and continue to build their empires on tax-payers money or politicians who wish to establish themselves as leaders of community split on the lines of religion, etc. Both these forms of political leadership should be considered no less to terrorism.

Terrorism relies mostly on religious fanaticism followed by mass infliction of pain, terror, destruction. It is often targeted and reactive, if not always. Politicians on other hand are disease ridden rascals, who inflict greater destruction of people, society and its structure; a disease irreparable and uncured always running after free money and sensitive fabric of human society. It is often debatable the in India does terrorism cause greater damage or politicians, the later always wins the war by huge margin. Religious fundamentalists like Thackeray of Shiv Sena often relies on strengths of rhetoric provocation and going after people who either are humble to their profession or does not have an impasse to events that trigger social instability. This irresponsible behavior is often met with resistance from people who are already deprived of their fundamental rights over powered by rowdyism and crushing feet activism.

There is a sense of urgency needed to repair the society bugged by these political clad. Not too mindful to compare human problems with a movie, I take a small leaf out of a cinema that I happened to like a lot and is like couple of years old.

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