Mera Bharat ….( ! Mayhem ! ) – Part #2

So I mentioned about a movie and why I liked it a lot is what follows now.

The movie’s name is ‘Anukokunda Oka Roju’ roughly translates to ‘One day by coincidence’. The director (actually the story writer) portraits a missing day from the protagonist’s life and depicts how it changes her life, fortunately for good. But the underlying message was bigger, bold and possibly the closest to what India is now. The movie starts with a problem, drugs, moves to murders and finally ends up with a cult underground group who follows a mad person who believes that he speaks to God. While extortion, drugs, murders inflict damage sometimes to individuals and groups, God has greater influence on mankind specially so in India. The so called Godsman (the mentally retarded fellow in the movie) are more dangerous that aforementioned tidbits. We have recently seen news articles about Kalki Bhagawan as well as Swami Nityananda and the excitement it has generated. As long as common public follows people like Kalki and Nityananda, the damage continues and people get corrupted. Corrupted because, they have already lost self-confidence and self-belief. Corrupted because they do not trust a fellow citizen but blindly follows a person who indulges in inhuman activities. Corrupted because they forgot God and believe in a person who believes that he or she is a God.

I always fight with my Dad over God. While he blindly believes that having trust in God would solve any problem, I trust in what we should do. Contradictions are human characteristic and by no means a hindrance towards progress, but when it stops constructive ideas, it becomes a burden. While I always believed that God lies within each person and it is not magic that define him but worship of work does. Indians always believed in God the most and I am no exception, however my depiction differs from lot of other people and it is not a sin.

On one side I see that ISRO is planning a second mission to moon the other side of the coin has faces like KCR, MNS, Bal Thackarey and other terrorists who does not stop their routine to disturb normal fabric of society and its functions. Professor Kodandaram who is spearheading the JAC of Telangana movement must have looked into a mirror several times and yet have not realized that he is no more a human being now. News of innocent students either murdered or commit suicide in the name of Telangana shows how immature our society is and the hyena politicians are always ready to live like parasites.

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