Why I hate iPhone?

Now that most of my friend brand me as iPhone-hater, its time to present the case in front of the fools. There is a difference between I don’t like it and I hate it and the later is what I prefer for iPhone, justifiably. I recently got the Sprint’s version of Galaxy SII as my quest for finding a good Windows phone with Sprint yielded zero results. I saw all my I-don’t-know-why-I-bought-an-iPhone friends and could not digest the fact that these so called intelligent people stuck to a phone version after version with zero improvements in its OS and cheats people with appending ‘S’ to its name tag. Its not that I did not give a try to iOS, its great, but its stagnant and its old and simply not ‘smart’. To call a phone ‘smart-phone’ truly needs great capabilities in addressing not only day-to-day stuff, but should be able to provide functionality that truly lives up to the tag ‘smart’. From the very basic calling features to uploading a photograph to cloud-sources, iPhone simply does not have capabilities.

From the very basic, iPhone have antenna problems that makes lives miserable making calls to zero app collaboration, I do see no point in calling that shit (S) a smart-phone. A phone should first perform a basic operation of ‘making a phone call’. The hardware of iPhone miserably failed at it. They have a dumb dial-pad where the alpha characters are similar to my old bell south’s wired phone (somewhere in my junk). On my Android phone, it automatically searches for the nearest match, based on what you are typing, which is not a a ‘must’ feature to call a phone smart, but a very basic feature.

I asked my friend to upload a photo that he took in his iPhone to Facebook and very unfortunately, he has has to go back and open the Facebook app and then select the photo that he want to upload. On my Android, everything that you can do with a Photo comes up in the options and you decide on what you want to do, without leaving the camera app. I think this is something so basic that a company writing OS for past few decades should be able to do. I strongly trust that Apple is dumb with software programming. I had few s/w programmers in India a stone throw away who can write an OS that works on a specific hardware.

There is absolutely no collaboration between apps in iPhone and since the phone has just one button, you don’t know if you go back a screen or go to home every time you press it. Simplicity is not about having one button, your TV still has same # of button since its inception and there is a reason for it. Similarly the keyboard has all the alphabet since its inception. There are certain things that make people’s life complex than making it easier. The very notion that iPhone is easy to use is hipocracy. I gave my Android to my friend who has iPhone and asked him to do a task (mind, he never used and Android before, all I did was unlock the screen). He took 5 minutes to figure out the same stuff in his iPhone and performed the same thing in Android in few seconds.

Now I know the world is filled with dumb people, but I never trusted that a device can make an intelligent person dumb. iPhone successfully did that and continue doing it. Its just sad that they iPhone users are stuck in time and they are not going to come out of it anytime soon. Unless you experience ‘new’ stuff, you will never know how great other things are. Not giving chance to the new water is sticking your feet in the same shit for ever, you eat it and you digest it as well.

I looked at iTouch, iPod and they are great devices in their own ecosystem, no doubt about them and competition did not even try to catch them up now as they are distinct second. However, your so called smart phones diminished the gap between a PSP and a gaming device. These all in one phones pack ‘some’ power underneath and are very well capable of doing lot of stuff. When Apple announced iCloud, everyone thought that it is a brand new concept, which puzzles me. What happened to the technology geeks, have they become dumb. Its like claiming that my Yahoo emails are visible from any computer I log in.

People can be insane yes, dumb yes, stupid yes but loose themselves? Now that is something why I hate an iPhone. It ‘was’ a great device until better ones came out (in few days), but not now nor in the recent past.

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