Fundamental Fools

Every single day I read news and every single day it annoys me. And, of the most ridiculous news items, one thing that have always kept my blood pressure high is ‘Telangana’ issue. So, the story goes something like this..

A bunch of bastards decided one day to hatch a plan to make money quickly. They approached another eunuch the then CM of AP to help them out. They found the answer startling yet appealing. To become CM of a state gives you enormous power  and provide a way to make money at a pace that even Goldman Sachs shall envy. But where is the state? Hah! they have to carve one out of an existing one. Fortunately, they speak a degraded slang of Telugu and found that in spite of having the same alphabet, they can make people fight based on those differences. They cooked up books and made bunch of coward unemployed youth to believe that having a separate statehood shall uplift their lives and bring new hope in their homes. Ah! almost forgot to tell you! There is one university called ‘Osmania’ where riots, goondaism, dharnas, burning innocent students is daily norm, and take greater precedence than education. They could not believe their luck when they found that one of the professors is already part of the murky plan and he is the biggest bastard of all.

So it all agitation for a separate state based on..(I think they do not know the answer) twisted facts, people’s ignorance, unemployed cowardice, imperialistic ideas and more than anything, the hungry for power. As usual the people of the state, people who work, people who pay taxes, people who doesn’t vote, people who watch movies, people who love the TV soap operas more than their husbands, people who doesn’t give a shit to others, people who blame politics, people who doesn’t trust the Government, didn’t care. These so called agitators, strangely some of them are MPs and MLAs from the same region who cared least about their constituents over decades and looted their money, decided to up their ante and stage Rasta Roko, Rail Roko,  Govt. Roko, Hospital Roko and any other Roko that you can imagine to cripple the daily lives of common  people, screw them up, give a damn about their well being and threaten to resign from their posts. The Central Govt. as usual asks for more time to decide on the state formation and this drama is being continued for almost 4 years now.

(Wrote quite enough!)

The essence of the story is there are people who bear this drama in AP every single day, in and out and do nothing about it, the FUNDAMENTAL FOOLS! Democracy has given them great power to VOTE and eliminate those power hungry parasites from the society for ever. Ask them one simple fundamental question. If you cannot live with your own speaking people, how can you live in a country with thousand dialects?


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