An d hra Pra d esh

As I always insist, human being can take any side based on his/her individual preference and circumstances. There are lot of people out there, who are equally talented, and can argue about the bifurcation of the state of AndhraPradesh. No matter which side you take, or believe in your heart that the bifurcation or staying united still is an individual ‘consolation’ to the alter-ego rather than fortitude of human thought.

I was born and brought up in Hyderabad, the state capital of AndhraPradesh which is conveniently located in the now-contested region of Telangana. Historically, the small kingdoms in India have pretty much dictated the boundaries of the states in the pre-independence era. However, after the language based states have formed, some regions in India are left to ‘fate’ and ‘compromises’. The founding fathers had no intention to divide India into several states, their main intention was to keep the country united by respecting individual aspirations, culture and the gigantic democratic fabric of the great nation. Irrespective of what many believe or say, my strong support that human knowledge has evolved in the Indian region more so the ‘Bharat’ is an undeniable fact.

Great leaders had great visions. They respected humans ability to communicate among themselves effectively but bifurcating the nation by language, yet making ‘Hindi’ a national entity, the only language that has the closest resemblance to Sanskrit’s Devanagiri script, the mother of myriad languages.

Unlike epic times, bad people or not scarce at all, they live and breath among billions of people in India and ultimate bad normally turn into politicians. Telangana movement is an artificially created human emotional drama, that has roots into myriad twisted facts and evil ambitions. The so called political pimps like KCR and his family does not care about people’s quality of life, and rather ‘use’ their predominant ignorance of understanding of ‘nation’ and ‘state’ to their own advantage to accumulate and loot state’s wealth. Political spectrum across the breadth have personal agenda’s and the single mantra that most of them use has been inherited from the then evil empire of British, ‘divide-and-rule’. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that in the current state of affairs, it is not only easy to instigate differences between people, but the basic fabric of rich culture is proving to be disadvantageous to the welfare of the nation. Casts, creeds, colors, language, dialects, food, behavior, tribe, religion, etc., you name it and people can develop differences in a matter of seconds.

People often forget that fact that boundaries does not make a nation, its the people who make it, define it and characterize it. AndhraPradesh is not being divided, its the people who are. As long as there are people who vote for those selfish political bastards, they have no right to question them either.

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