I am one of those still ‘limited’ selves that have started the journey of Advaita beginning of 2012. In this yet to be concluded journey, an enormous amount of literature, disclosures, discourses, commentaries, texts, etc. were stumbled upon to seek the ultimate reality. It is still a distant dream but the path is very clear. No matter what you seek, it becomes a reality only when one ‘experience’ it, until then, it is mere knowledge that can only tell you why, what, when, where and who. My ‘experiences’ are very short-lived and hence my seeking continues. I am not writing anything here that haven’t been told before but, this is a small attempt to recollect what I gathered in my caravan. I named this section of the blog ‘disclosures’ because, they are the secrets hidden in the open world you see, yet you do not realize. This is an attempt to tell you those secrets.

[#4] The only three

You search billion ways, you wander million paths there is nothing but these three steps that you need to take to go from I to K or simply ignorance to knowledge. The famous trio of Sravana-Manana-Nidhidhyasana. While these are Sankrit words, they simply mean hear-ponder-experience. We do that day in and day out but to acquire ignorance and not knowledge. So, how do you know what to listen to? You already do; strange but true. If you say you do not, all you are doing is simply lying to yourself. Poke that brain of yours to slowly remove the ideas that you yourself know are garbage, your inner voice will tell you what is that you need to listen to. Manana is bestowed automatically and what is left is Nidhidhyasana. You need some help there on the third stage. As long as ‘you’ do the above two, there is no third stage. Only ‘self’ can experience it.

[#3] Ego

Often misunderstood, ego has nothing to do with arrogance or opinionated. The path to Advaita very much requires one to depart from ‘ego’, which essentially means one’s identity associated with the physical body as well as its ‘karma’ or simply all engagements outside of the physical body. So, is there a way to let go ego? The simple answer is ‘Yes’. Is it easy?, No! When every thought and idea originating from oneself has ‘raga’ (favorable association) and ‘dwesha’ (unfavorable association), it takes some learning to let ego go. While ignorance contributes to a strong bonding of ego, knowledge has the power to easily erase that deficiency. Advaita does not ‘give’ you FREEDOM, it simply reveals it to you, which you already are. You don’t need to be happy, because you already are. When one let go ego, what simply remains is the true self. Best of luck!

[#2] Experience

The intention is not to explain the definition but to make you understand what exactly happens when you have ‘realized’. I will use my famous metaphor called the Gulab Jamun theory. BTW, Gulab Jamun is a Indian dessert which is a soft dough deep fried and then soaked in sugar syrup. Now, one can read all about it, watch videos, WiKi it and do all the research. At the end it, all you get is tons of knowledge and you can even claim that you are now an expert on Gulab Jamun. There is one problem though, all that knowledge you acquired in the process did not yield into ‘experience’. You could have simply eaten one and could ‘realize’ the experience. Good or bad, when knowledge does not lead to experience, it is still considered ignorance. Unless it is a first person experience, be it God or Gulab Jamun, they simply don’t exist in your consciousness.

There secret to realization is not the path or knowledge, it is simply experience.

[#1] The 3 classes of humans

Isn’t it an oxymoron to retell the first secret by ‘dividing’ humans? Of course not. Until the many becomes ‘one’ the realization does not happen. It is very important to know as a reader why you are reading what you are reading without which, you would not understand why ‘you’ are. Confusing…it is and it isn’t!

Basically, humans are divided into 3 classes. First the ‘Uttamadhikari’, the rightful proprietor, ‘Madhyamadhikari’ the deserving and the ‘Adhamadhikari’ the undeserved. Until now, if you still have not asked any question or had any thought in your mind, you are a Uttamadhikari. You do not need to continue. Just send me your contact, I will be at your feet. If you have decided to continue the pursuit and want to ‘know’ further and not question my knowledge, you are the deserving ‘Madhyamadhikari’. I don’t have to explain the third because you might have already stopped reading or have thousand questions not about yourself but everything else. For the last class of people, there is no point in even trying, you die one day and will be born again, nothing changes.

These disclosures are for the ‘Madhyamadhikaris’, the deserving class of people who wish to ‘seek’ and this is ‘one’ of those many sources you reach out to. Where you ‘seek’ is irrelevant, what you ‘experience’ is important. I can only wish for you that your seeking is filled with ‘experiences’ until it becomes THE singular, only ‘you’.

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