The supreme objective

Why do we do what we do? However, you slide and dice the answer and if one is successful in applying the prnciple of reduction, most often than not, the answer would be ‘happiness’. Well, there may be a zillion interpretations of happiness, but honestly, it is much simpler than what most people believe. I can categorically say one thing with absolute confidence that ‘happiness’ is not just the state of mind, it is the very essence of an individual’s nature and actually the only nature. All other feelings like sorrow, pain, anger, jealosy, etc. are simple train of thoughts that come and ago like ripples in a calm, serene still water.

So, if happiness is the true nature of an individual, why do we have other feelings? The answer is simple. When one say “I am sad!”, the ‘I’ and ‘sorrow’ cannot be same.

(To be continued…)

On a given day

“Whatever that exists in this World, exists in this story and whatever that doesn’t, it either exists anywhere”. This was Vyasa’s quote on his book ‘Jaya’ widely popular as Mahabharata. Obviously he was talking about the knowledge and wisdom that the story has to offer and also about the intricacies of humans and their relationships. Seldom he would have thought that the same is applicable to India today.

If someone consolidates all the news about India on a given day, it would be so overwhelmingly astonishing to observe that there is literally nothing that you can image that you cannot find it in there. A mother killing her only child, a daughter being raped by a father, person killed for a penny, student abused by teacher, teacher shot by a student, wife killing her husband, husband burning his wife, student committing suicide, people of same language fighting amongst each other, war over property, demand for separate state, atrocities of the minority, religious fanaticism, etc., the list is so long and unending that even Gods above would spend their entire life gulping it.

It is no wonder that India remains the only place on the planet which is pluralist. The gamut of cultures, religions, races, traditions, languages, all contribute to its rich vibrancy and simultaneously participate into its myriad problems.

On a given day, everything under the sky happens in India. The corrupt politicians still live in their 80’s, more than national life expectancy eating national resources like mud worms, raping their own children and sleeping with their own mothers.

On a given day, if God has to decent on earth and clean the sinners, he would ask for two days, one for India and the other for the rest of the world.

God bless India.

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