Its time! Hyderabad

Hardly ever I had to write two blogs in a day not withstanding the fact that they were few hours apart. Working from home today took its toll on me to instigate the zeal to go to read several dozen news papers and browse the channels listening to the crap that is happening in Hyderabad, aka Telangana (its irony that the region extends way beyond Hyderabad, but filled with dust and dummers who follow bastards like KCR blindly).

Its time Hyderabad! The business establishment is too rich and powerful to succumb to petty political goondas like KCR and they should use it to wipe these bastards from the society. How much more can the city take? Isn’t it time that you realize the city has become a cosmopolitan and being claimed by one section or region of people is simply ridiculous even in thoughts? With billions of rupees in losses, the business community has to come under one roof, use its power by hook or crook and teach these bastards a lesson.

Whether or not Telangana is even an issue, Hyderabad should not bend its head in disguise. Political gains should not rob the city from its culture, diversity and history. Stupid students who doesn’t care if they fail or pass have come on to roads and destroying both public and private property should bear the consequences. Osmania University had lost its credibility to be considered to become an IIT, where more than students, goondas, rowdy sheeters, political bastards, radical elements, ever failing students have made it their home.

Bandhs should be things of past, why should one party decide who should function and who should not, isn’t it the time to move forward, put these political bastards behind and think about development and future? Law enforcement should work with iron will and put all those culprits who disturb the common fabric of society in the city, to justice.

Wake up Hyderabad, you are more than a city.

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