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Ah! The Bliss..

Ah! The Bliss..

I am proud that I share a commonality with this guy. We are both born as Indians and this could happen only in India. Its been long time since I have heard anything this outstanding. More than a protege this kid’s voice is golden and godly. Hemanth is a little champ performing on stage for ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champions’. Watch it for bliss. Note: Catch the song at 7:09 [dailymotion id=xarapp&related=0]

It really hurts Himesh…!

It really hurts Himesh…!

I am a born music lover and was a good singer too. While the first part grew bigger and bigger the second one suffered a beathing over the years. Anyway, this is not about me. Having listened to musical maestro’s like MS, Mangalampally, etc and Ghantasala, Rafi, Kishore and Balu ever since my birth, music just goes down my ears like water through my mouth. My interest to music is as important as breathing. Kept aside, there are few singers…

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