Thank You Sachin

For the first time in life, I have not followed Cricket. Mumbai scars will never ever fade away.

After talking to my friend over the phone last night, I was then aware of what was going on as he mentioned Sehwag’s outrage. Today morning, after a long break from Cricket, I opened up the browser to see that Sachin’s century has won a game for India. Nothing, nothing in this world would have made me feel consoled, be it my favorite Sachin Tendulkar. But this was special, a tribute of a Mumbaikar, a true Indian living up to the spirit he believed. He honored our tri-color too many times and now he uplifted the spirit of Mumbai and the Nation.

Thanks Sachin for being such a fighter. We need you in all the wee hours that we go through every day of our life.

Mumbai will feel proud that his son was doing his duty for his Nation, ONE MORE TIME.

A great man & a great sport

Let me first congratulate Sachin Tendulkar for crossing the mile stone that another great man had set; highest Test runs in the history of Cricket. I did not watch every ball he played (I live on the other side of the ocean(s) and had to forgo my sleep for a while) but what ever I could, it was nothing less than a masterpiece. Adding more music to my ears was Ganguly batting with him on the other end. They were batting in tandem, heads up and shoulders freed with exquisite cover drives and sublime cuts.

A great man has crossed a milestone and its a moment of celebration, not for him but for every single Cricket lover and more that the game in itself. He quotes..

When I got out in Bangalore a few guys made it a point to remind me about the record. I knew I had done a good job there and that was important. My focus today was just to watch the ball. The journey over the last 19 yrs has been fantastic. There are stones thrown at you and you turn it in to milestones. I was not that excited to be honest. The focus was to continue and not lose concentration. Me and Sourav focussed on batting out the day. I didn’t really think of the record too many times. I try to keep the records out of my mind and my aim is mainly to contribute. It’s nice that it’s come at the right time, the Australians are a quality opposition. I planned to stay till the end but it didn’t happen. I thought i didn’t use my feet well but that’s the beauty of the game. The ball changes and so does the game.”

At a time when recession fears are lingering around with world financial markets tumbling like a pack of cards, Cricket has given me not only a breather but a deep releif. And watching my favorite cricketer was the added icing to the cake. I could not have asked for more (of course as greedy as I am, I would have wished a century from the Master Blaster) and I hope things turn out best for India as that would be the best gift the team can give back to him.

Just One

Just one WIN was all the difference between tieing the series and loosing it. It may sound funny to compare India and Australia as teams, but in reality the difference in not a whole lot. Before jumping to any conclusions, think of realities and the truth. While our batsmen face the best in the world bowling, Australians face may be the worst in the game. Sreesanth is best suited to be a Marine. Given a machine gun, he can spread the bullets in all directions instantly killing all the enemies. Cricket however is different and he successfully delivered his Marine skills and sprayed the ball all over. Just imagine Ganguly or Sachin facing that bowling and think what they would have done to him. I bet, on any given day, their strike rate would be over 200 and would hit a century in every match.

Our batting failed far less times than our bowling. Looking at our bowlers, I thought for most of the time, that they were bowling with a ball in their hands than their brains in their heads. All it takes for sachin to hit a four is a ball out side the off stump pitching on good length. For those who watched him play yesterday would have noticed that. There is a difference between God and Man and a Lion and Dog in every single boundary he hit against any batsmen in the entire tournament. Indians are lucky for the fact that Sachin and Ganguly are not in Australia team, God heavens, if that was true, their normal one day team score would be beyond 500 runs.

In the end, we should have won the match at Vadodara and the series would have tied. If the difference in scores is any gauge, the difference in bowling is a big measure too. The difference is that Australia always finds bowlers, every time all the time and we fail in that area desperately. Batting is all we got and our fielding will take a miracle to transform.

The last one-day would have been a comprehensive victory if our pacemen bowled into the left handers and away from right handers and they exactly did the opposite. India dropped eighteen catches in total while Australia dropped two.

And for those who think ‘Sachin’ should retire, THINK CRICKET. And for your records..

Player Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 0 4s 6s
ML Hayden (Aus) 29 28 3 1555 181* 62.20 1746 89.06 5 6 1 163 35
RT Ponting (Aus) 24 22 4 1183 113 65.72 1312 90.16 3 8 0 121 14
SR Tendulkar (India) 28 27 2 1166 100* 46.64 1411 82.63 1 11 3 150 11
SC Ganguly (Asia/India) 28 26 2 1151 98 47.95 1589 72.43 0 12 2 119 20
DPMD Jayawardene (Asia/SL) 32 31 2 1089 115* 37.55 1322 82.37 2 8 4 90 17

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