While watching the Australian Open finals, something caught my eye in the midst of spectators which stamped authority on my ‘distinguished’ thoughts of Federer. Someone in the crowd had a play-card saying “New word in the dictionary – ‘Federarized’ “. How true! the word has enough implications and weight and a hard to describe patten of events. It looks so simple yet pouncing. There is certain force that comes with special words and vocalize the personality that stands behind. Game apart, the authoritative nature by which Federer has reclaimed ‘his’ title was spellbinding.

Server after serve, point after point Federer demonstrated why he is considered Open-Era’s best player, ever. I often wonder how important are these people’s contributions to the society, considering they play mostly at professional level. Do they really add quality to our lives in particular when a crown after crown is stacked in their shelves. Can we really think outside the box when what we watch is mere sport? I guess these are more of self-questionnaire than generalized queries. Irrelevant as they are, persons like Federer exemplifies success at individual level. They personify a fact and remind us what hard work and dedication yield and constantly remind us that we all serve a purpose at our own level. Federarized is more than an adjective beyond personality.

Yesterday was just a grand-slam and two individuals were trying hard to reach a goal they waited to reach so desperately over last 2 weeks. Murray may have lost, but he has more to gain than to loose as he got to witness a master-class of tennis, at a level few could even dream and was standing opposite to that legend, in awe and Federarized. It is a lesson to all of us of how important it is to follow our dream and reach it step by step.

I wait for my day to be FEDERARIZED.

Blessed I was to have seen such great personality with one racquet hitting one ball at a time.

The tale of two Gods

Don’t expect anything close to mythology as my definition of God is a spirit who goes beyond divinity in what they do or perform.

As biased as I can be, nothing shall redeem my love towards Federer and Sachin, the two Gods of two worlds. Unlike any other persons in their era, they have cast huge clouds on all the rest with their love towards their individual games and over-shadowed everyone else with their huge but naturally bread talent and horned skills.

Federer’s loss in US Open final has yet to go down my throat. Not taking anything away from the young and brilliant Del Potro, I attribute his loss mainly to his 1st serve success percentage. We all knew why he is considered the greatest player ever to have played that game. The gamut and array of angles, passes, drops, spins, loops, serves and all the paraphernalia that surrounds tennis this guy possesses, intimidates his rivals to the core. His belief in tennis as his soul and body is simply unmatched. He is divine as he is to the sport and we are all fortunate to be in his era.

World’s apart there is Sachin, whom many consider as God in his own respects and made Cricket as a religion than ever, whose un-mistaken love towards the game brought him the status that no other sports person on this planet can ever have. Always wearing the burden of billion plus aspirations, he had not quenched his thirst to give us more and more and is a viewers delight.

It is not a surprise that he doesn’t have a signature shot as he has mastered everything in the book and has been a book by himself. There are two ways to score a run, hit the ball and run on the wicket and the other, play the ball and run on the wicket. The thin difference of hit and play is what makes Sachin the divine force. Technically he is perfect, aesthetically he is a treat, in execution he is exquisite and in stature he is God.

Words and thesaurus have shrunk my lines, sorry.

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