The closest celestial object to Earth which we fondly call Chandamama, will soon receive a visitor from the land which believes it to be a God. India’s ISRO is launching Chandrayan, its maiden journey to the moon is a historical event both with respect to ISRO spatial capabilities and scientific research. A wonderful subject of interest from God knows how long ago, our cultural integration with moon was always enchanted.

The mythological importance of moon had ever imposed long lasting memories on this divine land and soon it would be brought closer than we ever had, thanks to the wonderful scientific brains who had strived and worked hard with their heart out. Congratulations for getting us much close than we can imagine to our beloved Chandamama.

No country on this planet might have such a warm and close relationship when it comes to the moon. Poets, writers, story tellers and even moms were so fascinated by that object that it has its own special place in their hearts. Today we are going to explore our mama, from a very close perspective and understand the scientific relevance of it.

Once gain, congratulations to ISRO and the people of India on making the dream come true and wish you all the success with the Chandrayan mission.

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