Tears of a Champion!

Tears of a Champion!

It is not easy to stand witness to Champion’s tears! The fear of loss and butterflies of stomach started much before the historic match poised to begin at 3:30 am today between the all time great Federer and the outstanding sensation Nadal.

For 4 sets many of us have witnessed in what in a legends words is “the rectangle was not enough!”. They have elevated the game to such heights that mere mortals would be spatted like flies and Tennis fans will have a never fading memory of their lives. Such rare display of high quality tennis is purely a bliss for our eyes.

Federer threw away the 5Th set, rarely unexpected but none can guess what the champion was thinking. His actions could only create billion debates but his mind was pre-occupied. Coming back from a crushing 4Th set win over Nadal, Federer disappointed everyone, but rarely would one can peek into his mind and mirror his thoughts. His belief of a 5th set was not up to his standards, his thoughts were pre-occupied with defeat and the bug called Nadal was pinching him, while his quest for equalling another great’s record, stumbled before he set his eyes on the goal.

Nadal on the other hand was purely magical, outstanding, hard and truly deserves the victory. There is no winner in this match as they both were devoted to their passions and elevate the game like never before. ‘Tennis’ has won the true game today and a champion’s tears were the rare witness.

We are blessed to have seen such an ecstacy and the joy of playing tennis at its best. Players come and go every day, but true lovers prevail. And, both these men were divine. Tennis is blessed to have seen the ‘Tears of a Champion’.

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