The TEAM that is!

The TEAM that is!

I could have not imagined that I would pen down appreciation for Pakistan in my dreams, but exceptions are not finite and I could not wait to scribble this down.

More than any team in this edition of T20 World Cup, Pakistan has shown everyone what a TEAM means. When you have harmony equally mixed with happiness, the result is always success and Pakistan had more than demonstrated that on the field yesterday to run down South Africa and reach the finals. A true fighter does not keep his hands behind nor blink his eyes for which the enemy relentlessly look for. South African team was caught blinking their eyes, there was complacency in their batting as well as bowling. Pakistan rightly took that to their advantage and put in their last breath of effort to make sure they are not in this tournament by choice but for the virtue of winning.

Even in the last edition, they have missed the rubber by a hair-line but true to the game India lifted the cup as they truly ‘deserve’ it. This time however, I do not see any other team not only capable of lifting the rubber but the rightful owners other than Pakistan. Only two things in Pakistan appeal me in my life, the Mohanjadarro and Wasim Akram. Now I like this Pakistan T20 outfit making it 3rd in the list.

In all possibility SA will be playing Pakistan in the finals, yet another team who also claim as legal heirs to this T20 cup and a wonderful outfit of dedicated cricketers. Pakistan on the other hand have the finnesse that is required and added to their hard work, they truly deserve this cup.

Me and my avid Cricket fan friend discuss cricket almost every single day; analyze, dissect, evaluate (you can put all the mathematical juggernaut here) assess all the situations, players, conditions and come up with something no one except us would believe and we were 90% accurate all the times. Of course you should not take my word always when I say that India will win a match as I always support my team in honor and in despair.

This T20 have taught me many more things (will be discussed later) and it was a true eye-candy to watch all these teams playing to catch up the latest band-wagon of super fast cricket action, the crowd puller and mass hit.

All the best to Pakistan and Sri Lanka (I am too fast to predict, doesn’t I?!?!).

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