Morning Breakfast

Morning Breakfast

Cat n the MilkMy parents are here with us and kids are having their blast, as usual. However, one new addition to our family almost a month back was the subscription to Dish Network’s Telugu Package. I have successfully avoided glued to the TV following those soaps but I get my daily dose of breakfast as I sit front of the TV.

I have three choices, either watch 2 channels streaming what is called ‘new songs’ a googlean collection of 10 songs repeated over and over and the other which airs devotional music (kind of heavy for me!). But, at least for the next few days, we have a new choice as TV9 debuts in USA and will be on air free from subscription fees. So, running out of alternatives,  I am watching this 24/7 news channel during my brief 10 minute breakfast bonanza.

Today’s 10 minutes were spent on a nano-analysis (micro is big I think!) of a person who went to India’s Tennis heart-throb Sania Mirza’s house to covey his love towards her as the ‘star’ is getting engaged tomorrow. The usual trend of these news channels is that one person anchors the show while the live crew at the scene answers the questions from the former.

This is the parody (Anchor A, Live Crew C).

A: Why do you think the cat went to Babu’s house to drink milk when her daily schedule was to drink milk at Reddy’s house ?
C: Not sure Sanjana (name of A)! I think the cat had long been a lover of Reddy’s house and wanted to taste the house milk.
A: What are people thinking out there about that cat since it changed her mind to visit Reddy’s house instead of Babu’s?
C: There is visible tension here Sanjana? People are blaming the cat for changing her side and no one is sure what the real problem or cause is?
A: Is there an opinion in public about cats changing houses like this?
C: Yes Sanjana, people think that cats are mean and they should stick to one place for their milk.
A: Are there any concerns that Reddy’s house uses 2% milk while Babu uses fat free? Was this the main reason behind the cat’s intention? What is people’s reaction?
C: People think this might be the main reason. In here with me is Raju, who is at a stone-throw distance from Reddy’s house.
A: Mr.Raju? Do you think Reddy’s usage of 2% is the main cause behind this fiasco?
R: I think so. It is not fair on Reddy’s part to use 2% as the entire community here use fat free milk. We are going to stage a protest in the next 1 hour in front of Reddy’s house.
A: Sanjana, you can see people’s reaction here, they are outrageous of these facts. They do not think the cat can be blamed in entirety.
A: So dear viewers, tensions are mounting over the different grades of milk being used in the same community. The cat has played a vital role in disclosing some grave facts about the secrets in the society. Please voice in your opinions by sending an SMS to 2424 on Airtel, 8673 on Idea, 9876 on Reliance, 4432 on AirCell, 8763 on MTNL, 9342 on Orange..

This is a daily ordeal and I am living with it. Best of luck for other viewers.

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