Game On…

Game On…

I wonder myself that what it takes me to write so much about Cricket, passion or obsession, interest or madness, love or fan-ship and finally had to settle down on everything.

I woke up to my fate at 4:40 am this morning to catch the action on my computer and was disappointed that India lost the a crucial toss. Being a Day-Nighter the due factor in that part of the country and specially that ground (with new turf) will be a big problem for the team bowling second as it is not easy to grip the leather, no matter even if every fielder wraps around a towel around them, not joking.

So, as usual I have to leave my love and start getting ready for the office at 5:30 am and was optimistic that I can at least watch 6 or 7 overs. My optimism was completely put-out watching my favorite Sachin palying his shots. He was totally off, I seldom seen him playing cricket like that, unless something is bothering him; very much. Having watched his batting from such up close angles, it bothered me how he got out edging a wide off-stump ball, playing away from his body with full face to the ball. More than often, it is a symptom to get out easily. On a given day, he would have answered the same ball with a back foot punch towards squarish covers, normally kissing the fence for most part. It is his signature stroke and no one, no one can match his timing in that shot.

Dejected I was, but Sehwag on the other side was in his usual macho style whacking every ball like a free-hit. He simply doesn’t respect any one, leave alone the bowlers. His momemtum casted deep shadows on each of the Australian players and they were praying God to get this guy out in the pavilion as quickly as possible. In simple english, he is a question who doesn’t have an answer, PERIOD!

Gambhir and Sehwag went along nicely when the GODS were angry and Sehwag fell to his own instincts. Nevertheless, the runs flow did not stop really and India got to 354 in the end, which I think is a very hard total to beat, by any team.

I would still loved India to have bowled first, the hint of grass would have produced peach deliveries from Praveen Kumar’s fingers more often than anyone else.

Anyway, coffee break for me and lunch for the masters.

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