The curry and the kangaroo – Part 3

The curry and the kangaroo – Part 3

Predictions are always predictions and the good part is they are always backed up by a guarantee, the 50-50 rule. Seldom it happens that they come true and man thinks that he got it right. The beauty of Cricket is that it is a complete game, played by brain and body equally. Loosing the toss to Australia in a third trot was not easy for Dhoni and neither winning in succession. There is a good reason for the team rankings more than ever, two most complete teams with respect to playing capabilities and application of wit.

There are take-aways for both the teams from 3rd ODI, more so for Australia. What went wrong with their innings in my personal point of view is lack of trust. Their start was ideal for the conditions that they have batted on. With 3 debutantes, decision making was not an easy one for Punter. However for the first time, Australia had a mis-trust with the new players for which they had payed the price. When Hussey and Ponting were placing their innings candidly, they should have taken calculated risks and used power-play to its potential. I am not taking the credit away from India for the way they have bowled to Australia, but he fact of the point is that they were restricted more because of how they placed the innings. Why do you have 11 players in a team? A basic question. 229/5 is much worse a number than 240 all out in 48 or 49 overs. This thin thinking played against Australia.

Indian team is a ‘mature’ team. They play cricket and keep the rest of the stuff aside, completely away from the boundary ropes. Dhoni’s captaincy or players ability, the paraphernalia places itself meticulously in perfect harmony and piece by piece the puzzle is solved, if not always but most of the times.  Most of the hot-headed might ask then why would we even loose a match? For me playing the match with a spirit to win is more important than to actually win the match. The fans and the team would be happy for a win-win result, but more than happiness the team has to adapt that winning. Yesterday, the outside of off-stump like to Sachin has failed miserably for more than obvious reasons. He do not commit mistakes often and if he does, only he puts the next question as well as the answer. His run out was unfortunate as he would have easily anchored his innings and people would have watched flamboyance and cricket shots played at best. Nevertheless, Yuvraj and Dhoni were simply too much for Australia. Rome was not built in a day and both knew that better than most. Wickets in hand and power-play are two most potential weapons. Dhoni would not mind winning the game by 1 wicket; this is the very reason that separated the teams from winning and loosing.

Boundaries from Yuvraj were simply priceless, there is no cricketer that can equal his timing. It is simpler to watch and describe than play it so naturally, may be it is a gift from God, but to use it at right time for right deliveries is what makes him a great player. Dhoni was as usual a mason as he is. He places his innings by each ball and each run.

For the first part of innings, Punter’s boundaries were a treat to watch and  Hussey is and would always be a man of the moment for Australia and his takes that responsibility with gratitude and shoulder.

My take

India – 5 stars
Australia – 3 stars

Curry Stars: Yuvi, Dhoni and all the bowlers
Kangaroo Stars: Punter, Hussey and Siddle

4th ODI preview:
With confidence and so called momentum raiding on India’s shoulders and Mohali being such a wonderful track for cricket and cricket lovers, the game is on for sure. I would place my bets on India not because I am a supporter but for being advantageous of knowing the conditions better. If Dhoni wins the toss, the chances creep up more. The ground is a treat to eyes and the pitch will play its part swinging towards bastmen. India will mostly play with an unchanged side while Australia well, they do not have much choice. The due factor will come into play for sure in this part of the country and the wicket might just slow down during the second half. Advantage toss.

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