Rediscover the Classic

Rediscover the Classic


If there is one movie that I wish to see anytime, anywhere with anybody, I will blindly pick ‘Mayabazar’. This eternal Telugu classic is being revitalized to be released in digitally mastered color-scope with DTS sound. Since my childhood, I’ve watching countless movies in all genres and in tons of languages, but one movie which will forever remains in my heart would be ‘Mayabazar’. Never in the history of cinema, for that matter any cinema in any country would not have captured the hearts as ‘Mayabazar’. 3 generations have passed, but this eternal classic has remained in the hearts of people.

Goldstone Technologies Ltd. in Hyderabad took up this painstaking task of bringing the celluloid painted in vibrant yet period colors, shredding 3 long years in manpower and investment. Economics apart, their tribute to bring this classic to 21st century digital era is in itself is commendable in every aspect. Thanks to all those (I am so jealous that they’ve got to see this movie frame by frame numerous times) who gave steroids to our memories forever printed in our hearts and head.

Kudos and bring it on.

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