We can all find solace in one word ‘family’. It is sad that you will find ‘a’ meaning in the dictionary for this word, but we all know what it means. The relationship, responsibility, memory, love, obsession and many more ingredients add spice and sweet to a wonderful family.

It is my privilege and joy to write about my family and keep these memories to myself and share it among the others, bringing me a good feeling that will last for ever.

One sweet thing about family is what we often think what it is. It can be as small as ‘me’ or as big as ‘we’. In my view the more we swing towards ‘we’, the happier we are. While sorrows and griefs are part of our life, it is the family that stand behind us, always, and keeps our head down and cool.

I pray God, that one who is deprived of this privilege shall be given trillion births with wonderful families and my heart goes out for them, ever.

One page, one love! so please click on to lean about my Mother, Father, Brother and my Wife and Kids.

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