Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Irony meets Sarcasm 🙂 Nevertheless, a very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all.. AND…just kidding, be Happy and the Year will be always NEW.

So, as usual RESOLUTIONS will be the Google word for the next two days or so, for me its never ending as I resolute everything I resolute. Hopefully thought I will try to stick to one this time, but haven’t decided which one till now (God! I am in the loop again).

Kids are having great time spending their holidays at home and thank you freaking snow 🙁 I am working from home today so as my wife, with two kids singing songs in Dolby Digital surround sound format. The curious reader kicked in our younger one and he is eager to figure out ‘but’ and ‘put’, but confused and hell it doesn’t make a difference in the end, right? So, I am typing my blog on my home PC and checking my emails and tickets on my office laptop, while my wife is glued to her office laptop and the other laptop from the old client lying around sadly asking me to do some mouse clicks. Intel, I guess this time I beat you in multi-tasking.  My router has all the lights lit (maxed out) spinning bytes out of this network.

Tonight will be fun though, planning to have a blast in our friends get-together. Hello! but I do not smoke, drink or pass-out, strict vegetarian 🙂  With New Year crossing with Friday, a loooooong weekend awaits us with plenty of action. Kids are counting backwards to see how many days they’ve got until school. I am sure that we will hit the grocery store in a day or two, exciting.

Anyway, with plenty going around, good, bad and ugly, I do not want to ruin everyone’s mood discussing disgusting Telangana issue or pathetic plethora of plundering profits (holy sh*t! phonetics are words of the day) and the rest of paranormal activities that goes around. BTW, watch 3 Idiots if you haven’t, great movie with plenty of stomach-aches. After eternity I got to watch a movie with plenty of positives. Last night brief stint of ‘Hangover’ was a laughing riot, will surely catch up sometime today if I can.

That’s it folks! Again, a very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all.

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