On a given day

“Whatever that exists in this World, exists in this story and whatever that doesn’t, it either exists anywhere”. This was Vyasa’s quote on his book ‘Jaya’ widely popular as Mahabharata. Obviously he was talking about the knowledge and wisdom that the story has to offer and also about the intricacies of humans and their relationships. Seldom he would have thought that the same is applicable to India today.

If someone consolidates all the news about India on a given day, it would be so overwhelmingly astonishing to observe that there is literally nothing that you can image that you cannot find it in there. A mother killing her only child, a daughter being raped by a father, person killed for a penny, student abused by teacher, teacher shot by a student, wife killing her husband, husband burning his wife, student committing suicide, people of same language fighting amongst each other, war over property, demand for separate state, atrocities of the minority, religious fanaticism, etc., the list is so long and unending that even Gods above would spend their entire life gulping it.

It is no wonder that India remains the only place on the planet which is pluralist. The gamut of cultures, religions, races, traditions, languages, all contribute to its rich vibrancy and simultaneously participate into its myriad problems.

On a given day, everything under the sky happens in India. The corrupt politicians still live in their 80’s, more than national life expectancy eating national resources like mud worms, raping their own children and sleeping with their own mothers.

On a given day, if God has to decent on earth and clean the sinners, he would ask for two days, one for India and the other for the rest of the world.

God bless India.

Ah! The Bliss..

I am proud that I share a commonality with this guy. We are both born as Indians and this could happen only in India. Its been long time since I have heard anything this outstanding. More than a protege this kid’s voice is golden and godly. Hemanth is a little champ performing on stage for ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champions’. Watch it for bliss.

Note: Catch the song at 7:09

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Jai Hind

One song that always fills tears in my eyes and brings those glimpses of black and white pictures of freedom fighters ruthlessly beaten by atrocious British soldiers.

aye mere vatan ke logon
zara aankh mein bhar lo paani

jo shaheed hue hain unki
zara yaad karo qurbaani

Rendering her sweet voice mixed with the pain and agony of those great people who put their lives in the fore-front of freedom struggle, Lata Mangeshker is ever successful in bringing those memories to all of us, even today.

I was born 26 years after we were free and yet a strange thought of revived nationalism and patriotic sense muse our faces on every August 15th. I remember those golden school days where a weeks worth of preparations to celebrate our Independence Day were filled with enthusiasm, zeal and pride. Rainbow had only three colors and our class walls were filled with great leaders of the past. Indian maps were decorated with everything that we can think of. Sweet packets being packed the night before to be distributed the next day while the senior kids are in charge of making sure the confetti is sprinkled through the air when the national flag is unfurled.

When Vande Mataram was resurrected and resonated between the school walls and loud speakers else where nonchalantly sounding patriotic songs through the air. August being the best month with respect to climate in Hyderabad, had always been an icing on the cake. Bright orange Sun shredding luminous white light through fresh green trees remembered everyone of nationalism and the glory of tri-color.

Kids in all kinds of uniform was the norm till noon that day across every galli, every mohalla and every road. There was never a feeling of religion, cast, creed, status, race or color during the celebrations and every hand was only painted, Indian.

Those memories are rich treasures safely locked inside my heart and head and pop up on our Independence Day. One day I will be an American by law and being a ‘citizen’ I have to respect the law of the land and abide by its good and bad times. Nevertheless, no power on this earth shall take away my memories, the ‘nationalist’ childhood which I am privileged to have.

Nothing on this planet shall repay the debt that we have to our great leaders of the past, but..

my eyes are filled with glorified tears, thinking them, consoling,  being and Indian at heart, yesterday, today and tomorrow and ever.

Jo Shaheed huye hein unki, zara yaad karo qurbani…

Jai Hind and Happy Independence day to every one.

Pig, Politics & More..

Thanks to TV-9 free telecast (for time-being) in USA on Dish Network. Lately I have been watching bits and pieces of the 24/7 News channel and I am literally shocked to see of what is happening back in India.

  1. A pig was doing rounds in a temple and people have decided to build a temple for that creature as they think that it is ‘divine’ now. I guess we need to send all the stray animals in India into temples to make sure they are taken care of. No need for temples, just treat them humanely.
  2. A fake link was established between Jr.NTR’s party with an accident by someone and the Media had been feeding on this fodder for quite a while. The ethics of Media were so low that a Buffalo would be proud of eating ‘just grass’.
  3. Rosaiah had questioned Muddu Krishnama Naidu if he is a ‘real man’ in the Assembly. For heavens sake, there are more public issues to discuss than fighting over politician’s potency. Grow up you morons.
  4. Congress Party cadres in real-estate business are manipulating prices near Warangal on the pre-text that there will be an airport coming up soon. Its really amazing that they can build airports so quickly (Japan, you have a lesson to learn here) and people are such dumb fu**ing bastards that they allowed themselves to be lured. Do they eat airports or what? What is that bull-shit economical gain to live near a deaf-dumb polluting place like an airport.
  5. YSR and Babu were throwing tantrums at each other in Assembly, literally making the whole democratic process and the legislative procedures a big joke.
  6. A women in Bihar was assaulted in broad day-light in front of public by a bunch of goons while the Police were watching and capturing MMS on their mobiles. Long live Duryodhana and Dushaasana, you have your heirs.
  7. Acid in India is more available than pure drinking water. The number of acid attacks in India grew more than 3×10123456789% this year alone.
  8. Free water rides in Delhi. Heavy rains literally made Delhi submerged in water allowing all classes of life to have free water rides. You can swim, you can row, you can splash and you can wash.
  9. yatra nAryastu pUjyante ramante tatra devatAH. Read..

Jai Hind!

The four fingers

There is a saying in our tradition, if you point one finger there are 4 left, pointing oneself. I felt sad at people pointing fingers at the Indian team failing to go to Semi-Finals. The so called supporters suddenly withdrew the support and started raising their voices and filled up the blogs with their analysis. Dhoni admits mistake, write most of the columnists and people started finding mistakes in the strategy. Unfortunately you would only find those flaws when you loose and when you win the same crowd applauds those choices, morons, aren’t we?

Indian Cricket team has bunch of talented individuals who always try to play their best, its indeed true with any team for that matter. However, a person cannot be always successful. And sometimes choices work and doesn’t. We the so called supporters do not have to follow blindly, but we can just shut-up when the team that we are supporting are going through rough side. One of my PG friends a sadist who always cherishes when India loose  a match called me at night and was jubilant for the fact that India had not won the match. The same illogical self-centered moron would call me had India won the match and explained me in detail who wonderfully the boys have performed. Most of us are like him, with slight variations in our thinking. My friends complain me that I support the Indian Team ‘blindly’. There is nothing in my personal thoughts that there exists a conditional support and un-conditional support. No matter what your sons or daughters do we support them and try to tell them what is good an what is bad. To abandon them is something we never do nor we should.

At any point of the match after India were to hit close to 60 runs off of 30 deliveries any Cricket loving person would have thought that they could come close to 3 runs. They put up a brave fight given the circumstances. Be it Jadega wasting deliveries or Raina’s short-ball weakness theory, we have lost the match fighting and that is what that matters.

If every person remembers the four finger theory the world would have been a better place to live in, but in reality it doesn’t.

Thank You Sachin

For the first time in life, I have not followed Cricket. Mumbai scars will never ever fade away.

After talking to my friend over the phone last night, I was then aware of what was going on as he mentioned Sehwag’s outrage. Today morning, after a long break from Cricket, I opened up the browser to see that Sachin’s century has won a game for India. Nothing, nothing in this world would have made me feel consoled, be it my favorite Sachin Tendulkar. But this was special, a tribute of a Mumbaikar, a true Indian living up to the spirit he believed. He honored our tri-color too many times and now he uplifted the spirit of Mumbai and the Nation.

Thanks Sachin for being such a fighter. We need you in all the wee hours that we go through every day of our life.

Mumbai will feel proud that his son was doing his duty for his Nation, ONE MORE TIME.

India, read Mahabharata again..

Indians need to read Mahabharata again. They forgot who they are and what they are, totally. The politicians has made the country a mockery of rotten policies and turned the country into a hub of cash generating ATMs for themselves. Read the Mahabharata again….

Outraged by the Mumbai attacks, I could not help but to spit my anger at someone and the best fit for my bill are us, we Indians. Have we forgot what was taught to us, have we forgot what was read to us ? India read the Mahabharata again…

Vyasa in his epic suggested 4 solutions for every problem (primarily political).

  1. Sama: A peaceful solution of political conciliation. Diplomacy is the first step you take to resolve an issue. Please do not foster even an idea of using this solution for Pakistan, as they are not worthy enough to persuade this solution. You do not teach Vedas to illiterates.
  2. Dana: Sacrifice if you can. We can look upon the wounds and compromise at every stage of life. Unfortunately all we were doing is this. We Indians are stuck with this principle for centuries now.
  3. Bheda: Sending a message of threat that something bad will happen if the we let the let the political conciliation fail. Oh sure! we know this better than anyone on the planet. India had witnessed the worst of the history in terms of destruction and death. Greedy nations squeezed India like mosquitoes and we always spilled our blood.
  4. Danda: If everything fails, then there will be fight. Now we are talking.

When you have to confront a situation when our neighbor has only but one agenda of inflicting terror and disruption of life, the first 3 methods are not options, they are failures. Mahabharata teaches us exactly that. Although there are no Bheeshmas or Dronas in Pakistan, I shall say there are innocent people across the border who care their families, fear god and try to be good. Reluctantly, I shall say that they are the Bheeshmas and Dronas on the opposite side. Unfortunately, there are millions of Duryodhans on the other side and some on our side too. The task of Pandavas was cut short by Lord Krishna. He took the onus and initiative and proved in one simple point that the Sama, Dana and Bheda doesn’t do good to both of the teams. By challenging the opponents to Danda and providing it as the only option to Pandavas, Lord Krishna made sure that Dharma prevails while Adharma is perished. Pakistan must be wiped out from the face of the planet. We do not have options. People talk about economy, prosperity and what not, but ask a family who really bore the brunt.

You should not try to cure cancer by applying a band-aid on top of it. You have to sacrifice that part of the body, forever. Pakistan is one such nation inhabited by more terrorists than human beings. They talk loud that India always blames Pakistan for everything that happens, but even if there is one incident out of one zillion, I care. One Indian life shall not equal the entire Pakistan, ever. This is a war that India has to fight. Eliminate them, its the only option.

Have more good suggestions, slap your own face.

..and the war continues..!

Counting days between cricket matches has become my hobby, a special mention of India and Australia on either side can only add desperation.

Now that the counting mode has shifted to few hours, a battle between the titans of Test Cricket is shortly underway. I do not care the result as my best guess always favors India, relentlessly in a stronger orthodox style. Everyone loves to see a champion fall hard, more so when the opponent is our own team, but Australia is a great Cricketing team who does ony one thing better, play the best Cricket that is humanly possible.

Feroz Shah Kotla, the favorite hunting ground for India, who have thrashed their opponents in their last 7 outings are eager to make it 8. And, Kumble might be already feeling pressure to perform at the same tone he had done in the past. With statistics at our fingertips, media has covered these contest like never before. They can even tell you how many time Kumble swept his face off sweat. This contest has already transpired into a war a war Australia desperately trying to contain and if not win it, at least get the compromise going on. I would watch these players very closely than ever before.

Sachin (he always tops my list, any list for that matter!)
With the big monkey off his back, he will be enjoying his cricket like never before. His intentions are more team-centric but he is a wizard in manipulating the bowlers and its a treat to watch how he handles Stuart Clark (if he is in the playing 11) and Bret Lee.

Having drawn the curtains over his retirement, he is I think the best person to watch when batting.

No person would be best to score a ton other than Sehwag. He is raring to go and after all its his home ground. Being in his prime form, he single goal is to destroy their bowling and make sure it doesn’t recover from that.

He is in his own trouble world and he desperately wants to get out of it, sooner than later and he shall have to prove a point here, not for anyone but for himself. We can expect him to come very hard on our bowlers as long as he stays or he will fell too cheaply trying to do something he has not done ever before.

More than Cricket I expect him to play with fire in his mouth and sweat on his tongue. He will do everything he can to avoid a defeat, be it slow over rate, wasting time or just jump into arguments with the umpires.

Micheal Clark
A cunning customer of Cricket who doesn’t play the game in it spirit, ever. Expect him to be the thorn in the Indian turf and it is interesting to watch how we burn that down.

and finally…

Dravid & Lakshman
Tow men, two stunning personalities. Test cricket runs in their veins and they haven’t really showed it yet. Both look in good knock with luck not favoring them enough. If Gods are merciful, they will create havoc from which a trillion Australian Teams would not return.

Wish all the best for India. I hope they just won’t crush them, but kill’em, better yet, at their own game.

Chanakya’s Wisdom

Let me tell you something up front, this article is not about History or Chanakya in particular. Its just that we are turning a leaf of that great genius and quoting it here.

When Chandragupta was young and being trained by Chanakya, on their way a thorn was stuck in Chanakya’s leg. Being a person who does not loose any opportunity to teach Chanakya, he quickly grabbed the pinching thorn by his hand out of his leg and did not whisper a sound. Two lessons here. One, you do not show your pain when something strikes and two you should be able to pull it, right up.

He then took that thorn, burned it into ashes and then buried it under a foot of soil. Obviously amused and clueless, Gupta asked Chankya “what did you do that for?”. Chanakya quietly replied “You should never leave a trace of enemy, not even his remains. If I put the thorn away, who knows it might hurt one more person again, it might grow into a small plant and cultivate more thorns. By burning it, I made sure it never came back”.

Chanakya’s theory is simple yet powerful. Do not defeat the enemy, destroy them. Now, coming back to the actual story, I took the pain to pull that page out of Chanakya’s life was to draw a comparison to the ongoing India Vs Australia Series.

The 2nd test match is more or less Chanakya’s wisdom. Dhoni applied the morale of the story to this test match and crushed Australians to make sure they never came back. Australians never faced a team which intimidates them so much ever, they were never underdogs and neither were so weak. It is a world class team, which learns from its own mistakes and excels when it matters. However, the current Indian team is almost invincible, un-beaten and will play with utmost aggression.

It is not every day you can expect Sehwag, Gambhir, Dravid, Sachin, Lakshman, Ganguly and Dhoni fail, if so do it at your own peril. It is world’s most devastating line-up anyone could ever imagine. There is only one way India will loose a test match in this series, if all those batsmen mentioned above do not bat well, read, do not bat well, it doesn’t matter if Australia bowlers are good or bad. At least, Dravid, Sachin and Lakshman are those batsmen, who get out of their own mistakes rather than a good ball.

This is the time to stamp the authority on Australian Team and who could do that better than India.


Few incidents would have left scars to my memories and unfortunately more and more are expected to surface. I am deeply saddened and feel very sorry for all those who are effected by bomb blasts in India. Sitting thousands of miles away, writing a blog would be the easiest thing to do, a selfish act of consolation and a lucid act of healing. But, I think that at least I can pay my respects to all those innocents who are being victimized by a long standing coward act of terrorism in all and every means.

Interestingly, we live our lives compromised, every moment and every minute. If you would have to go out and not expect to face a big blast, things would have been easier, but the reality is different. Two days back, every single news media in India are swamped by the aftermath of the Delhi blasts, and we are now back to square-one. Compromise can be termed as the general quality of a human life, especially in India. I am sad and out-raged by the constitutional power of the Indian Government and equally disappointed by our Judiciary. If every incident is confronted with compromise, when do we see an end to these massacres? Indian citizen compromise so hard that is is impossible to believe the fact what he or she faces every single day. There are few and hard solutions for these incidents, and the Government should act aptly, responsibly and hard.

I think we mistook the Lord’s saying, “Paritranaya Saadhunam…” and are living dangerously implying that God shall come down one day and punish all the bad. What he really meant was to redeem ourselves and find the very God that exists within ourselves and do the ‘Sambhavam” that he very Lord insisted. It is time to do the retrospection and act bravely and be strong to face the enemy. There is nothing more precious or valuable than a human-life on this planet. Losing one has the at most sorrow a human can think of and we should not compromise.

I wish we can add an a smile to our face (a big E) and put it right in the middle of compromise and say ‘comEpromise’ or come-promise that I will fight and stay bold.

Come, promise that we will do that. My sincere and heartiest sympathies to all those wonderful lives, who sacrifised for the great fact that a cowardly act like a bomb blast shall not degrade our morale and we START our lives every single day and LIVE it to the fullest.

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