Few incidents would have left scars to my memories and unfortunately more and more are expected to surface. I am deeply saddened and feel very sorry for all those who are effected by bomb blasts in India. Sitting thousands of miles away, writing a blog would be the easiest thing to do, a selfish act of consolation and a lucid act of healing. But, I think that at least I can pay my respects to all those innocents who are being victimized by a long standing coward act of terrorism in all and every means.

Interestingly, we live our lives compromised, every moment and every minute. If you would have to go out and not expect to face a big blast, things would have been easier, but the reality is different. Two days back, every single news media in India are swamped by the aftermath of the Delhi blasts, and we are now back to square-one. Compromise can be termed as the general quality of a human life, especially in India. I am sad and out-raged by the constitutional power of the Indian Government and equally disappointed by our Judiciary. If every incident is confronted with compromise, when do we see an end to these massacres? Indian citizen compromise so hard that is is impossible to believe the fact what he or she faces every single day. There are few and hard solutions for these incidents, and the Government should act aptly, responsibly and hard.

I think we mistook the Lord’s saying, “Paritranaya Saadhunam…” and are living dangerously implying that God shall come down one day and punish all the bad. What he really meant was to redeem ourselves and find the very God that exists within ourselves and do the ‘Sambhavam” that he very Lord insisted. It is time to do the retrospection and act bravely and be strong to face the enemy. There is nothing more precious or valuable than a human-life on this planet. Losing one has the at most sorrow a human can think of and we should not compromise.

I wish we can add an a smile to our face (a big E) and put it right in the middle of compromise and say ‘comEpromise’ or come-promise that I will fight and stay bold.

Come, promise that we will do that. My sincere and heartiest sympathies to all those wonderful lives, who sacrifised for the great fact that a cowardly act like a bomb blast shall not degrade our morale and we START our lives every single day and LIVE it to the fullest.

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