It really hurts Himesh…!

I am a born music lover and was a good singer too. While the first part grew bigger and bigger the second one suffered a beathing over the years. Anyway, this is not about me.

Having listened to musical maestro’s like MS, Mangalampally, etc and Ghantasala, Rafi, Kishore and Balu ever since my birth, music just goes down my ears like water through my mouth. My interest to music is as important as breathing. Kept aside, there are few singers and composers in the industry now which are woth mentioning and I think Himesh Reshammiya will definitely gets the first priority. I have never listened to such horrific music in my life and God knows how many time I have to listen to him. When I watch those youtube videos of Saregamapa or some other music shows where he dons the role of a judge, I get goosebumps. A true artist is humble, sharp and brave. This guy is arrogant, dumb and a coward who gets angry by any word in the dictionary.

I think if you listed to his songs closely, there are probably not more than one variation. He twists and turns the same thing over and over again and feels proud about that. I hope whoever was his ‘guru’ must be feeling happy that he is no more his ‘disciple’ now. God knows how these people click in the first place, I know marketing plays heavy, but this dumb! I cannot believe it.

Fortunately he is not along in this dumb game, since I follow only Hindi and Telugu music, I must say that Himesh is lucky to have a compatriot in Ramana Gogula. These two people have taken music to such low levels and what’s worse, they sing too, now this is real torture.

On top of it, this Himesh guy is into acting as well, jeez, can someone stop him please! I know its easy said than done and music is not a child’s play, but you know what? it doesn’t bother me bashing this guy at all as he really deserves it. This might be my opinion and many might dislike it, but hey! listen to his music again, of course at you own peril.

Himesh, for the sake of mankind and for the sake of the divine Saraswathi, please stop making music and kindly stop singing. Its easy to skip your movies (that you’ve acted) than the movies for which you are doing music for.

Long live melody.

Mumbai Meri Jaan

Does all stories end with “happily ever after..”. I guess so, more so for movies and its important. There is a changing trend in Hindi movie industry lately, with more and more thought provoking movies are being made, which is really a good sign.

Mumbai Meri Jaan was such an effort and its a subtle movie executed exceptionally well. It might not be the best movie ever made, but the intention definitely was. Kamat, the director should get credit for his efforts and the artists, I think performed well withing their boundaries. Anyway, this is not a review, but a thought.

While the movie’s agenda was to portray the after-math of Mumbai blasts of July 7th, 2006 (and I must say, the agenda is fulfilled), the point of discussion is the soul of the movie. The spirit with which a society moves on was the ultimate achievement, while all the stepping stones are various stories totally unrelated and yet form the single ladder. If a thought, a memory, a remembrance or even a small flash of an incident brings you the sorrow, I guess what went thought the minds of those who were actually part of it. Mumbai blasts was more of a news item than an incident, at least in my life, and I guess its the same case for many. The movie successfully changed my purview and perception and I sincerely thank the movie makers for that.

As depicted in the movie, Mumbaikars may not stop on the middle of the road to pay their respects to the victims, they may no longer feel safe to get into those crowded metro cars and they may not even remember the incident with the same weight, but the spirit with which the incident was faced will stand as an exemplary action performed collectively by a society so metropolitan. Addendum, the director wanted to end it with a happy note, and its very important because, it satisfies the spiritualistic ego of good winning over the evil and makes our hearts feel lighter. It is not the intent of the movie makers to make us feel heavy after we leave the theater, but to make sure that a small thought would pop up occasionally whenever we see or hear about these incidents, for ever.

Remember the boy in ‘life is beautiful’, who joins the crowd in the end, happy? Its exactly same chord Mumbai Meri Jaan resonates on, to depict the underlying spirit of a happy ending, faintly leaving a mark on our hearts and yet make a difference.

I wish more and more movies come along the same path and glorifies life and a wonderful place we all live in, the society. Thanks for the movie.

Making of Mahatma

You could never do wrong, if you sit in a dark room, ALONE! But that is escapism, isn’t it?

In a day-to-day life of a person, it is indeed hard not to do ‘any’ wrong. But of course, there are many, who tried not to, and there are few, who succeeded, and there are handsome, who almost did, and there is one, who mastered. I am talking about a Mahaan Atma, we fondly call, Mahatma Gandhi.

We can read thousands of pages about that great soul, or watch numerous documentaries or even discuss with friends, or do a very simple thing, entertainingly simple, watch ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai‘.

Felling in love with a movie is not that simple. Either it has to cast your favorite starts, or you relate to it, closely. This movie has neither. It has thought, it has inspiration, it has life and it has a message. A sedation that goes un-noticed, a feeling which is inhaled and a thought that you you can visualize. I am a big fan of Mahatma (a fan is a very ruthless word, when it is mentioned with respect to Mahatma, but its more natural and affirmative) and always wanted to imitate him, but failed every time, and stopped trying. To believe and to practise are two different things and getting things to work Gandhian way is extremely tough job.

Truth is a qualitatively relative term and understandably arguing. But it has a unique quality that none others has, it prevails. If you know something and you convey something, its classified as ‘lies’ by normal people. Some more go ahead and hide facts, basically a truth, from the other fearing the consequences, which is in one way not telling the truth (See how difficult truth became!). If a person shoots a question at you and you don’t give him an answer (which is truth), you might think yourself that you did not lie, but you didn’t tell the truth either, right? Gandhian way is much more touch. You tell a person the exact and perfect truth, when they come to you. You don’t hide a fact fearing consequence, you don’t mis-lead fearing outburst, you don’t twist your answer fearing sorrow, this is difficult stuff.

Gandhiji’s principles are based on that universal truth. A normal even a powerful human being will refrain from it, one for one reason, consequence. One who practises it are called ‘Mahanatmas, who are rare.

One thing though, the movie changed me somewhat, I am trying to reach a stage where I’ll hide the truth, but not tell a lie. Few more steps forward, I think I can reach there. No matter what I do, I will not be called ‘Mahatma’, never; but I found the very soul and might well just discovered my ‘atma‘.

I have seen great movies all through my life, Oscar winning performances, outstanding drama and emotional art. Those who did them and mastered them are artists who ‘performed’, far beyond expectations, way beyond others, and stole the hearts of millions. But this movies has little more than performance, and I think I haven’t seen that in any. It is honesty. Honesty towards the objective, honesty towards the essence of the movie and honesty in performance. It is a rare feet not delivered till today (at least in my view) and will for ever remain in my heart, sorry, in my soul.

My sincere thanks to everyone involved in ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai‘. An exemplary work of art, conveying one simple thing, which was not attained by any human being after Gandhiji called TRUTH.

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