Mumbai Meri Jaan

Mumbai Meri Jaan

Does all stories end with “happily ever after..”. I guess so, more so for movies and its important. There is a changing trend in Hindi movie industry lately, with more and more thought provoking movies are being made, which is really a good sign.

Mumbai Meri Jaan was such an effort and its a subtle movie executed exceptionally well. It might not be the best movie ever made, but the intention definitely was. Kamat, the director should get credit for his efforts and the artists, I think performed well withing their boundaries. Anyway, this is not a review, but a thought.

While the movie’s agenda was to portray the after-math of Mumbai blasts of July 7th, 2006 (and I must say, the agenda is fulfilled), the point of discussion is the soul of the movie. The spirit with which a society moves on was the ultimate achievement, while all the stepping stones are various stories totally unrelated and yet form the single ladder. If a thought, a memory, a remembrance or even a small flash of an incident brings you the sorrow, I guess what went thought the minds of those who were actually part of it. Mumbai blasts was more of a news item than an incident, at least in my life, and I guess its the same case for many. The movie successfully changed my purview and perception and I sincerely thank the movie makers for that.

As depicted in the movie, Mumbaikars may not stop on the middle of the road to pay their respects to the victims, they may no longer feel safe to get into those crowded metro cars and they may not even remember the incident with the same weight, but the spirit with which the incident was faced will stand as an exemplary action performed collectively by a society so metropolitan. Addendum, the director wanted to end it with a happy note, and its very important because, it satisfies the spiritualistic ego of good winning over the evil and makes our hearts feel lighter. It is not the intent of the movie makers to make us feel heavy after we leave the theater, but to make sure that a small thought would pop up occasionally whenever we see or hear about these incidents, for ever.

Remember the boy in ‘life is beautiful’, who joins the crowd in the end, happy? Its exactly same chord Mumbai Meri Jaan resonates on, to depict the underlying spirit of a happy ending, faintly leaving a mark on our hearts and yet make a difference.

I wish more and more movies come along the same path and glorifies life and a wonderful place we all live in, the society. Thanks for the movie.

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