… and I said

… and I said

When freedom personifies an action, it yields ‘words’. God gave the gift of expression and I catalog it…blessed I am.

There is nothing under the sky not to know and understand and, in my quest of that journey, I have learnt and learning. This blog is my ‘freedom’ than anything else. I can be wicked and wiz, dumb and dormant, express and elate and yet be ‘free’.

Welcome to my freeeeeeeeeeeeeedom.

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Transliterated by Jaya Dayal Goyandka

One thought on “… and I said

  1. Kishore,
    I had been meaning to comment on your blog, especially on this little introduction.

    It’s really lovely what you say about your heart and your brain. 🙂 Whether they are steady or volatile, you totally rock! 🙂

    Keep writing. Your diwali post made me very nostalgic.


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