All good things come to an end

All good things come to an end

Anil Kumble has retired from International Cricket. This was the head-lines in most of the media yesterday bidding adieu to the great service person of Cricket as a sport and a tire-less fighter who served his country in this sport like a silent King.

Kumble by any means was more than a match winner for India. He was the hope and the torch bearer for most of his career and had the greatest audacity on the field and off the field. He stood as an example for more than we can count for and withstood the challenges day in and day out. A rare personality with great humility, he is a wonderful human being having done greater causes to the society as well.

It must have been a great privilege for all those Cricketers who had the opportunity to gel with him, play with him and watched him from close quarters. Records are just one sided face of this great man, his other side shows the true colors of his wisdom, character, patience and fortitude. It is our privilege as Cricket lovers and spectators to have watched him for the last 18 years. Be it a sports person or a soldier, when they wear the Tri-Color on their jerseys, they are serving the nation. Great servicemen by exemplary deeds often gives us the message of Patriotism and Anil Kumble in my view is one such great patriot.

It is his privilege to have played along with other greats in the history of Cricket, yet, the sport is privileged to have been served by such great sportsperson.

On behalf all the true Cricket lovers, I wish Anil Kumble the best of the best in his post-Cricket era.

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