Black is beautiful again!

Black is beautiful again!

I know I am too late to write this, but you know what, better late than never!

When Barak Obama was declared as the projected winner of the Presidential Elections, 2008, the country was actually witnessing something magnificent. The black has become beautiful again.

Most of us might be thinking that when there are only two choices what’s the big deal, isn’t it obvious that Republicans will definitely face defeat on the name of incumbency while its the turn of Democrats to stay on top. Of course, there weren’t many choices, but..

the choice making was the real history. It does not happen every day in a country long witnessed the red-inked history of slavery, civil war and riots. It may not be evident on a person’s face, but the thin line between the white and black does exist. If not on paper, definitely in the hearts, agree or not. When Obama’s candidature was announced, America had choices, but the choices weren’t the pretty names of Hillary or the Mermon Romney, it was much smaller than the candidates, an African American and the rest of the folks. When the final choice was between Obama and McCain, there was a long road to perdition that the whole country had to take, to accept the truth that sometimes a person is above of what his skin color is.

Deep in the hearts many white people might have thought that the choices they had were not too pleasant, but again, it was a choice and they had no choice; irony! Senior white citizens especially favored McCain reminding us of what the real choice was, not Republican or Democrat, but white or black.

Young America had different thoughts. Strategists agree that had there been no financial mess that has happenned just around the corner, the elections would have been closely fought. McCain as a presidential candidate is more capable than Obama, but his legacy of being a Republican had to be put at stake, and it was a loosing bet. Liberals, conservatives, left, right, democrat, republican, war veteran, change was the strong rhetoric we’ve all witnessed and whether they had any impact on this election was totally debatable. Obama being elected as the next President is equivalent of creating history within history. Modernization might have built strong economic empires around the globe, but homosapiens have not grown into complete humans yet. The divide between skin colors, races, religions have far surpassed the achievements of science and the boundaries of wisdom. Barak Obama’s presidential stature is historical because, it is a new era where people have accepted the truth, willingly or unwillingly. The truth that a person belonging to a country is a citizen first and a socialite next. Whether or not this is a golden era for the African Americans to see one of their men occupying the most coveted seat in the politics of the planet, there is certainly hope and a hard-fought realization among the people of United States. It might not have been any other good time for Obama to contest in this elections as Republicans are widely perceived at this time as evil masters letting the country slip into a mess and making a mockery of two wars. Nevertheless, we should not forget that Obama’s war began with Hillary first, whose reputation was circumvented by the second most charmed president after JFK. I am glad that the choice between Hillary and Obama came down to Trust. And, to trust an African American over a family legacy that has imprinted powerful political clad on this Country was a big deal. A deal that was won.

I am glad, that ‘black is beautiful again!’.

All the best for the President elect Obama and to all the people of United States. Long live America.


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