We will never know ‘Satyam’

We will never know ‘Satyam’

Satyam means truth and most of us know that, so what’s the big deal?

The Satyam fiasco has many facets. Media, Public, Share Holders, Investors, Politicians and of course Satyam by itself. Bail-out or not, one will never be able to uncover the real reason behind the fiasco that lead to Raju’s conviction and acceptance of responsibility. Whether he was forced or not, there sure is political motives and agenda behind the scenes as reported by media. I cannot tell with certainty, but the important point is whether we will ever know what really happened. My bet is ‘never’. This is another ‘Moddu Seenu’ type of incident. When a state is ruled by a ‘terrorist’ what else can you expect ? Key witnesses are killed brutally inside the Government correction centers and land mafia is headed by greedy politicians.

Satyam by all means is more than dead in that part of the country. As shameless as they are, the current political jokers never accept the responsibility nor amend their ways. One day a ‘Wednesday’ will come by and I hope these ‘terrrorists’ (the so called political clad) are all killed and killed in public.

God bless India.

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