An d hra Pra d esh

As I always insist, human being can take any side based on his/her individual preference and circumstances. There are lot of people out there, who are equally talented, and can argue about the bifurcation of the state of AndhraPradesh. No matter which side you take, or believe in your heart that the bifurcation or staying united still is an individual ‘consolation’ to the alter-ego rather than fortitude of human thought.

I was born and brought up in Hyderabad, the state capital of AndhraPradesh which is conveniently located in the now-contested region of Telangana. Historically, the small kingdoms in India have pretty much dictated the boundaries of the states in the pre-independence era. However, after the language based states have formed, some regions in India are left to ‘fate’ and ‘compromises’. The founding fathers had no intention to divide India into several states, their main intention was to keep the country united by respecting individual aspirations, culture and the gigantic democratic fabric of the great nation. Irrespective of what many believe or say, my strong support that human knowledge has evolved in the Indian region more so the ‘Bharat’ is an undeniable fact.

Great leaders had great visions. They respected humans ability to communicate among themselves effectively but bifurcating the nation by language, yet making ‘Hindi’ a national entity, the only language that has the closest resemblance to Sanskrit’s Devanagiri script, the mother of myriad languages.

Unlike epic times, bad people or not scarce at all, they live and breath among billions of people in India and ultimate bad normally turn into politicians. Telangana movement is an artificially created human emotional drama, that has roots into myriad twisted facts and evil ambitions. The so called political pimps like KCR and his family does not care about people’s quality of life, and rather ‘use’ their predominant ignorance of understanding of ‘nation’ and ‘state’ to their own advantage to accumulate and loot state’s wealth. Political spectrum across the breadth have personal agenda’s and the single mantra that most of them use has been inherited from the then evil empire of British, ‘divide-and-rule’. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that in the current state of affairs, it is not only easy to instigate differences between people, but the basic fabric of rich culture is proving to be disadvantageous to the welfare of the nation. Casts, creeds, colors, language, dialects, food, behavior, tribe, religion, etc., you name it and people can develop differences in a matter of seconds.

People often forget that fact that boundaries does not make a nation, its the people who make it, define it and characterize it. AndhraPradesh is not being divided, its the people who are. As long as there are people who vote for those selfish political bastards, they have no right to question them either.

Mera Bharat ….( ! Mayhem ! ) – Part #3

Reading Maximum City by Suketu Mehta gave me wonderful insight into the ‘workings’ of Mumbai. Half way through, I felt that the city that I love is like a big onion with layers of truth, deception, lies, crime and everything under the Sun. While the interesting part is that Mumbai is actually India, the rest of the country is no different. They just have less to peel.

Hyderabad will and always has been my other soul. The city that I grew up with told and continue to tell me stories. Childhood’s perception was so nice and wonderful that I get to look only at paradise with occasional blips. Teens have been transformed into building wisdom around living and let live theories. College days were ecstatic and enthusiastic and PG days were eye openers. Life in that Metro had been a bliss. For every good story even like Ramayana, there is Ravan, a ten-headed evil doer who along with himself take his people down. Unfortunately for the modern day Ramayana, there are no Ramas; Ravans, aplenty.

Politics in modern India was more to do with power than people and the willingness to mud-sliding reminds me of the village buffaloes enjoying their time in whatever slut they find. Of course, it is not only crime but unapologetic to compare  our politicians to anything living or dead, even coincidentally! I do not know for certainty if ‘kharma’ is a Sanskrit word or not, but in India, politicians do the ‘karma’ and people bear the ‘kharma’. In Telugu/Sanskrit language karma is deed while kharma is bad fate.

The other day there was a small debate between few of us in the office over lunch about the Telangana agitation. One of the person argued that, what the agitation is all about is to get back to status quo when Telangana was indeed a separate state. I asked him “what is so significant about that particular period of history?”. We had many kingdoms in the past and for that matter much of India was under single umbrella when the great emperor Asoka was ruling the land. Why not go back to that Status Quo? While this is more of an argument, the pinching point of discussion was that of a B.Tech. student from Osmania who committed suicide because one of the Congress leaders lost his election. He had a oath upon himself that he will kill himself in joy if that person does not win the election. The entire Telangana agitators made that student a hero because he sacrificed for the cause of  Telangana. No where in his will nor his intentions point that fact. He was more of a stupid and a loser who doesn’t know anything but commit suicide. Never even once he might have thought that life is a gift of God and he could have utilized it for better. Nor he had thought of his parents and family as they grieve in shame over their son’s coward act for rest of their lives.

Incident like this bloat the chapters of history with permanent ink of blood. They make the words underneath breath heavy highlighting the foreground and keep the writing in the background to fading black. The battle of good vs evil is a never ending cycle and people take sides that in their best interest. The people are really at war having no clue that the kings that are fighting with each other are counting how many soldiers have died rather than whose soldiers have died. They do not care about sides, they care about power.

Mother’s blood

AP has redefined blood categories. Telangana blood and non-Telangana blood, call it what may, its an ultimate truth that it is Telugu speaking people’s Mother’s blood. If land and lines divide humans, it shows that they have chosen the path of self-destruction. Pimp politicians like KCR, Harish Rao, Nagam, KVH, KK, etc have time and again showed that,  it is always the people who fight a lost cause. Students have been dragged into the agitation and they know the fact that they are the biggest losers of all. Well, with reservation on their side, they know the fact that they would get comfortable jobs using their quota, SHAME! We have been infatuated with caste, creed, color, religion, region, food, clothing and billion other things, looking at the other person always as un-belonging.

Parties and JAC has called on for a Bandh, do we have a constitution in place, does the leaders care about internal security apparatus, do they really protect the citizens of the country? An easy NO is the answer to all of them. Its high time that Party or Parties calling for Bandh be banned from political arena for life. One doesn’t have a right to interfere and decide what other’s life should be.

Home Minister Chidambaram has been one of the most irresponsible portfolio bearing member of the Parliament, may be after KK. He has ignited, what is now a rising inferno. Mother’s blood is being spilled on the streets and people are eagerly drinking it. Telangana agitation have brought shameless human behavior out in open. The relations have stained, their brotherhood has lost and they transformed love into hate.

Democracy does not mean agitating against constitution. We have too much freedom which is often abused. People of Telangana deliberately wish to become orphans. Its time that people wake up against this mess. Those who wish to have a separate state are easily outnumbered by those who doesn’t.

If ever Telangana is formed, the mother’s curse shall never go undone. All these so called intellectuals fighting for the cause know well, what the future of the separation is going to be. Its Mother’s blood you morons, not yours.

I bet if Gandhi would have been alive, he might have taken the most unethical step he normally would, ask the people to KILL all these goonda politicians.

Paritraanaaya Saadhunaam…hey God! fill the people with enlightenment, they are drinking their Mother’s blood.

Burnandhra Pradesh

First the TDP, promising the people a Swarnandhra Pradesh followed by Congress’ manifesto with Haritandhra Pradesh; what now is followed again by TRS, in particular KCR, a Burnandhra Pradesh. History is darkly stained with blood of the brave and also of innocent and many more cowards who hide in the dark and hit you in disguise. TRS was not formed with a mandate of separating Telangana out of AP, they were established with an ambition of looting the left-overs of Telangana. Neither they are interested in its development nor waiting for a day for it to flourish, they are hawks waiting to get into power and make money by milking their mother’s breast.

The bastard party (TRS) is long filled with muggers, pimps, goondas and politicians who were either murderers or who traded their families. People who blindly follow these rascals are the real culprits. First, they fail to exercise their franchise to vote and secondly they complain about the system like cry-babies. If you made a mistake its you who had to feel the burden. The people of Telangana never rose to the occasion when rest of the AP was rising into power. I am born and bought up in Hyderabad, which is the capital of Andhra Pradesh and yet not one day in my 26 years that I lived there I felt that I was in Telangana. A true cosmopolitan city humbled by its inhabitants, Hyderabad was a epicenter of cross cultures and rich traditions and second to none, great food.

Now some mother fu**ers want to stain that glory? What happened to students in OU? Do they really think about Telangana? The pupil who took part in the agitation are the biggest loosers of life, having no other choice but expressing their hesitation and failure on common man. The parents of these students shall bring down their heads, are they willing to back them up with their punishment, I guess not. With media giving extensive coverage over these riots I do not think the law and order will have a problem in identifying and bringing these people to justice. Every individual should be caught and punished to pay the price. The students be barred from examinations and let rotten without jobs while the good ones go head miles.

People like KCR are rotten mosquitoes living on human society. You either kill them in the beginning or let the disease spread to you. Those bastards not even for a second can think about welfare nor about citizen’s aspirations; they are power hungry rabid infected dogs and shit eating pigs who go after innocent sentiments of common public. So, I had an idea! Is there a problem to this solution? If then, what would it be? Here are my 10 cents.

  1. Get the Internal Intelligence into action. Nail these bastards by hook or crook. I guess one can easily book KCR as he might have violated every section of the constitution.
  2. MPs or MLAs who voluntarily resign from their privileged membership from Assembly or Parliament are barred from Elections for life.
  3. Bring every culprit who destroyed public property to justice. Media tapes are excellent source of finding those morons.
  4. Students who took part in the violent agitation are not eligible for Public Sector jobs nor would get any benefits as citizens.
  5. Grant separate package to the region of Telangana, imposing hard and frost deadlines on those who control it. Bring them to the book if they do not.
  6. Use media to the most of its potential. Publicize the destruction, show their dracula faces. Expose the culprits.
  7. Publish facts about the region, its grants in the past and the people who were elected from that place.
  8. Drive every fu**ing Maoist from that place to hell.
  9. Provide public sector employment and education by setting up new head-quarters of few Govt. branches.
  10. Make use of natural resources locally.

Enemy of the State

Well, there are many in India,  most of them are of course politicians, very rarely the terrorists come into picture. At least according to some news reports, it seems that the Central Govt. had received intelligence inputs that KCR was planning a massive riot the day after Chidambaram has announced that they will work on Telangana and hence the decision was made. Irrespective of the truth that lies beneath, where in the world is our administration. Is this the way we safeguard our country? Why in the world are our armed forces lay down their lives? Why do they have to protect us?

The Telangana issue is a NATIONAL SHAME. KCR is an enemy of the State. He should have been ‘eliminated’ long time back. He is a Frankenstein made by the greedy politicians. Does people of AP has any responsibility? Street fighters, goondas and headless students are the light of the day now with law and order trashed to the corner. Congress is on face saving mode and State Govt. is literally impotent.

Wake up people! There won’t be any God reincarnating to save you from these daemons. Its you who needs to take care of yourself and its you who decide whom you want to give your welfare to. Stop being jerks and raise your voice.

How to axe your own foot?

Oh simple, just pretend to be a TRS activist for few hours. The greed of one bastard called KCR has turned the nothing-for-good students into mindless dogs and took them to streets and axe their own foot. What next? Nampally Vimochana Samiti, Barkatpura Independence Union?

The outrageous acts of so called TRS gooda activists has not only posed threat to general public but has created disruption in normal life and would put a great dent in economic progress. Why section 144? Shoot those morons on sight! They are of no use to the human society anyway. How many of those so called TRS activists know what they are up to? So what makes their agitation to bring Telangana as a separate state actually achieve? You ask this question to 1000 activists, you get 1000 answers. They are that rotten section of population who doesn’t have anything to do and are parasitic in nature. They love to be fed on others blood and hard work. So called leaders like KCR feed on these crack heads and build their personal wealth.

If the armed forces are really created to safeguard our country from enemies, hello, you have plenty of them within your country. They should be shot point blank, period. When the world wants to move ahead as one, these bastards try to divide along caste, creed, religion, color, region, language and even work.

If destruction of public property yields states, constitutions I guess we are living in a nomad world. I am more disappointed by the fact that people believe that a stupid like KCR will go on a hunger strike. His ambition to be in power and his greed to become a CM has already took its toll on development and disrupting taxpayer’s life.

With judiciary sleeping and law enforcement became mere spectators, the order of life is at is chaos. I think the God has to incarnate to eradicate this blood sucking mosquitoes.

Goats, Pigs and Politics

My sincere apologies for Goats and Pigs as I am about to compare them with people. I know that they deserve better status in the ecosystem but unfortunately they have become slang for human behavioral patterns.

Few people of Telangana (mind it, they are not citizens of India as they do not show any respect to the land of the law) have supposedly sacrificed their lives hearing the news that KCR has been remanded to custody. So dear goats, do you really care about KCR that you put him before your life which you owe to your family and parents? Either you are stupid or you are mentally retarded, any way the world would not mourn for such idiots in the first place, but pity your decision did hurt your family members, so you are better off not staying on this planet and thank you. Some other goats (again people) disrupted normal life of other fellow citizens by declaring so called ‘Bandh’. I do not know what constitutional right gives them the authority to stage such acts and where the keepers of law and order are? You have to actually beat a goat to follow a person (coming up shortly) like KCR.

Pigs, sorry Pig
Now there are people who are equivalently moron but differ themselves in dictating to goats. KCR is one such person. A criminal by constitution he had long forgone his human nature and turned a pig, BIG. His Telangana movement is so flawed and simultaneously a laughter. His ambition to become CM for at least some part of the land has made him turn a crook and kept him in the law books under various acts of crime, no less than kidnapping, robbery, murder, pimp and flesh trade. His people cheating act of fast-unto-death on November 29th was such a shameless act that I am even ashamed of comparing him with a pig as at least it contributes something to the ecology around us. People even eat port, but this bastard is worthless, his blood in blue.

The above two, didn’t get it. Goats+Pigs.

Nov 29, 2009

I never thought that I would be so happy and eager to wait for 09/29/09. No, there is nothing that’s significant that would change the course of history and No, its not a birthday of any person impromptu. But, my happiness weights on thin word from a politician. Yes, it is the day on which KCR will go ‘fast-unto-death’ over Telangana issue. I hope he keeps his promise and world would have one ‘less’ burden.

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