Naming Convention

It is a trend in AP to name projects and places after two persons, both do not have any credentials what so ever personally or politically to be considered great people. While one person at least had ‘citizenship’ (please read that a citizen is a person who obeys the land of the law/birth) while the other one was very close to being a terrorist (by definition a terrorist is a person who inflicts damage on society without provocation and with immorality). Keeping this trend the AP Govt. named few projects after YSR and some were being renamed after him. In India we have a unique disease of naming places after people whose contributions normally terrorize people. Of course there are exceptions like Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Sastri, Patel, etc.

So, I urge the Govt. of AP to name the newly discovered H1N1 after their favorite leader which actually attributes to their personalities. Similarly Musi River should be named after their favorite leaders as well as Dengue, Leprosy, AIDS, etc after them. They rightly deserve them.

The Kings area back

With the death of AP’s CM comes the million dollar question. Who is that macho who would take the reins and build an empire on his own. Well, the process is simple during pre-Raj days. The eldest son of the King would always succeed the throne, the Aristocratic way of electing the people’s representatives.

The funny part is not much has changed since then. Panditji’s mantle was carried over by Indira and her legacy was safe-guarded by Rajiv and his echoes are being resonated by Sonia. Keeping the same Congress tradition, the AP’s legislatures have proposed YSR Reddy’s son Mr.Jaganmohan Reddy as the leader of the legislative council and become the next CM of AP. He is young, dynamic, youthful, energetic and simultaneously hold a ‘unique’ distinction of being previous CM’s son, a novice in political arena and inexperienced. Being the last King’s son, he certainly qualifies for the post but, wait a second, is India a Democratic Republic, I guess I was wrong, its not? The political heirs have long been carrying the tradition of staying-in-the-family and well this cannot be different.So what, didn’t Ram became the king after Dasarath? why not Jaganmohan Reddy then. Oh! you must be thinking Democracy again, go to hell!

So if the next elections are won by TDP, can we expect that Lokesh to be the next CM after his father,who knows it can happen. And, therefore I suggest to the interest of the nation and for the welfare of the people that next time when general elections happen, choose a Bheeshma, who doesn’t have any heirs, legal or illegal. You then are gauranteed to upkeep the Democracy of the Democratic Republic, doesn’t we.

Next time around, to make things simple and easy, I suggest that these CM’s name their children after them and just assign I, II, III and so forth. AP will then have YSR the II as the next CM followed by CBN II and then YSR III and this can go on.

Move aside Democracy, the Kings are back!

Somethings never change..

After a long long break, I was browsing Deccan Chronicle on the web and had a deep sigh “somethings never change”. It was more or less a crappy news paper which it had been during my days in Hyderabad and God forbid, its still maintaining the same status-quo.

Although it covers some national and international news, its primarily a local English language News Paper and what I see in its Entertainment section headlines are…

  1. Jessica Simpson’s lawyers issue legal warning…
  2. Britney Spears dumped!
  3. Naomi Campbell, is a fan of..

Common now, this is more than international tabloid. Hyderabad edition is boasting news on Jessica and Britney, who cares?

But………..but, this news definitely made me laugh, quote

On whose side is Varuna? MLAs fight

While the ruling party claimed that the Rain God was on their side, the Opposition said Lord Varuna ran away from the state because of the Congress corruption.
The Chief Minister, Dr Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, had said on Sunday that the Rain God had fled to China fearing that the Mahakutami would come to power. When Lord Varuna realised that Kutami did not win, he returned and opened up the skies, he said. Dr Reddy’s comments echoed in the Assembly too.
The CPM leader, Mr Julakanti Ranga Reddy, said the Congress government should apologise to Lord Varuna for claiming that he belonged to the Congress.
The finance minister, Mr K. Rosaiah, was quick to react. He said he was happy that the Communist leader believed in God. “Whatever they say, Lord Varuna is on our side,” Mr Rosaiah said.
When the finance minister said the Left parties have to always tag to one party or the other to come to power, Mr Ranga Reddy retorted saying they always fought for people’s rights.
The Telugu Desam deputy floor leader, Dr Nagam Janardhan Reddy, objected to Dr Reddy’s comments saying the Rain God ran away due to corruption in the Congress government.

I don’t know when these guys grow up. shameless politicians.

Joke of the year :) :) :)

No prizes for guessing what it is! I know most of you would come up with the same one (without blinking). So here it goes..

“The Andhra Pradesh State’s FY ’09-’10 Budget”

Told ya! no prizes for guessing.

Anyway, the story goes like this (all figures in Crores)…

  1. Total Budge 103,485.33 (Anything after the decimal is considered missinglenous).
  2. Planned Expenditure 40,184.11
  3. Un-Planned Expenditure 63,301.22 (Again, please do not guess!)
  4. Free electricity increased to 9 hours from 7 hours (8 out of those 9 hours fall into power-cut zone)
  5. Rs.2 Kg rice quota increased to 6 Kg from 4 Kg (expect 20% increase in contaminates)
  6. Electricity Subsidies increased to 6,040 (the meter runs on battery during power cuts and the money? no guesses again!)
  7. Sorry! you cannot get more laughs for free.

Seriously missing stuff from the AP Budget.

  1. No ‘official’ funds allocated to Sakshi News Paper.
  2. Not all mining is owned by the CM’s family members.
  3. Out of every Re.1 Govt. is still spending 2 paise for the public. Politicians are only getting 98 paise, this should be raised to Re.1
  4. No new irrigation project funding where there is no water.
  5. All drinking water (already polluted) should be free.
  6. No new taxes for saying ‘dog’ (Dog owners are already fined Rs.1,000/dog).

The bestowed financial minister of the State cannot be more ill-qualified than Paris Hilton running for US presidency. Poor guy, he is almost illiterate and you are asking economic questions, not fair!

Irrespective of how the supply and demand equations are, just because edible gram prices are up, all pulse’s prices went up. Onions are Rs.40/Kg, ban those f***ing vegetables, you are not privileged to eat them. Rice is Rs.40/Kg (I am talking about that the variety that humans can eat). Stop eating that calorie diet, be carnivorous.

The social status back in India is so low right now that pigs are on strike as often politicians are compared to them. Law and Order is a joke and the Judiciary system is still between Dwapara and Kaliyuga. Women are being publicly raped (the police are busy twittering and preparing MMS) and people are sentenced to death for drinking water (its so freaking polluted).

God bless India! (Ha! Ha! one more joke 🙂

Senate * Committee

First and foremost is that I would request the congress to kindly ‘grow up’. Wasting valuable time in the name of Senate * committee is wasting people’s time. The Supreme Court nomination of Sonia Sotomayor can easily beat Potter’s 7 episodes in length, breadth and conviction.

I guess if Jesus Christ was nominated instead, they would ask him “can you claim yourself be kind to other religions when you have long vocalized for the Christianity? Do you have the credentials to proclaim?”. Searching for a flawless person is like finding the first sand particle that made up a desert. I guess everyone is trying to prove that they have enough questions that claim to have provided discomfort to Sotomayor and hence they ‘accomplished’ the committee goals. What on earth are they trying to prove? Is there a person on this planet who did not do any wrong? Haven’t these guys looking into the mirror lately?

Everyday during my hour and half one-way drive to and forth to work, I have listened to enough hearings on Sotomayor by the Senate Judiciary committee. These committees have nothing to prove. A person testifies before congress of neither accepting nor denying a statement, which is the new definition of truth. Back in my school days, in one of middle school math classes, we had  a deduction.

“A statement is either TRUE or FALSE, but not both.”

I guess it was more about truth and people have long buried this fact in their minds. These time-wasting senate committees are enacting more of Shakespeare dramas than actual stuff when the nation was being ripped from its fundamental truths, hard-work by greedy corporations and straw-piping banking institutions.

We have enough un-employment creeping only up and for heaven’s sake the employed senators should do real work rather than interviewing candidates for months when minds were already made up.

Hyderabadi Fools

HMDA Master Plan

The above link is the news item published in Times of India in the Hyderabad section today. The article briefly discuss the so called ‘Master Plan’ to widen roads in Hyderabad to accommodate the growth and traffic in Hyderabad Metropolitan area.

We had a close family friend who is now retired used to work in Town Planning Office located in Masab Tank area. Its  a huge complex housing hundreds (may be more than thousand) of employees authorized to work on Town Planning. And then there is HUDA rechristened to HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority) sitting across the Secretariat, a palatial complex names after ex-chief minister of AP, Burgula Rama Krishna Rao. Now comes the fun part. What does these guys do in there? In reality NOTHING. Hyderabad is amongst those cities whose net road length have increased in least proportions compared to other so called Metropolitan cities in India, post-independence.

The plan to widen road at the cost of demolishing historically important structures and monuments is something only Hyderabadis can think of. I remember those days when my father used to do some odd jobs and was working for an IAS officer who represented a non-profit organization to preserve and protect the historical monuments in Hyderabad (sorry!, I do not remember the name). One of the cases they were fighting at that time was one that involved the significant Charminar. There were number of people who committees suicide jumping from the roof top of Charminar and Government had decided to put a check on it. So, they asked our great engineers in HUDA to form an executive board to put forward a proposal to tackle the issue once and for all. They came up with a ‘brilliant’ idea of putting up barricades on the the roof top and they did something that no one can imagine.

Iron gates were erected by directly drilling the walls of Charminar, all around. A 400+ year old structure was simply drilled by hourly wage workers who accidentally dug up big holes and then were re-patched with ordinary concrete. I think the cow-dung pan-cakes have more even surface than these patches.

Anyway the discussion is that these brilliant engineers and town planners now propose a plan to widen roads at the cost of heritage. Can’t they think of alternatives? The problem is most of these employees are candidates who are not qualified to do the jobs, either they got into the job by bribing the officials or came all the way up the ladder based on reservation, cast, creed, politics, etc. Why do they have to give a damn to these structures if at all?

The state of affairs are such in Hyderabad that a 1-inch rain can create havoc in the city and literally brings the entire city to a halt.

Hyderabadis learnt the art of life, compromise for anything and everything and you will not see flaws. They are great saints of modern era who least care about others, forget themselves and live in a world free from desires.

Long live Hyderabadi Fools (I am one of those not living there any more from long time 🙂


This is a message to extend my deepest sympathies to the people of Andhra Pradesh. Not that I hate Congress or love any other party in general, but the rulers often decide the fate of the public. The state has been raped, looted and deprived of its resources and this will continue for the next 5 years as well. Of course it is the people of AP who are at fault of not learning from their mistakes. When only 60% of the people are represented the blame has to go to the people who does not vote. Those who does not think outside of their home boundaries are sure to suffer at the hands of their rulers.

The Democracy is long dead in India with people only responding to Liquor, Money, Power and Bribery. I am happy for the results at the Center as at least this time we will have a stable Government who can take decisions not based on political imbalance but for the good of the country (of course I know that I am joking) but, Dr. Manmohan Singh is no doubt a person of wonderful character and personality and I hope his ministry will keep up to his potential.

Andhra Pradesh meanwhile have gone to their old ways of supporting Kauravas (the only difference is that there are no Pandavas now) and ultimately pay the price of supporting ‘Adharma’. Satyam scan is a very small blip of many of the atrocities sponsored by the Govt. in the past 5 years and I can only hope that this time the number of scams are restricted to below 100,000 mark.

This is an obituary message to the death of prosperity of people of Andhra Pradesh.

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