The train and the coins

The train and the coins

The train is approaching and the good old copper coin is on the tracks. The coin has two fates. Get crushed under those hot iron wheels or simply fall off to a side. In my view the first option is better. The coin becomes flat, bigger and the shine of copper comes out, crystal clear. The coin is new having learnt a lesson to survive and come out bright.

Teams playing with India had similar fates recently. And, New Zealand is no exception. Before this series even began, before we (our cricket frenzy group of nerds) even analyzed the last Indian season with the birds, my prediction of the series was simple, a plain white-wash. I am a hard core Indian Team fan I agree, but my talk is not baseless. Having playing the game and watching it for this long, I have at least developed some skills. When a team searches for what they ‘believe’ in, they will find the truth. Buddha did it before and we are doing it now. Loving your goal is more important than reaching there. Once you do that, you will see several roads leading to it. Indian team is exactly going through that phase and they will be victorious now and in the near future.

Past records are shadows and will not be seen in bright light specially if its right on your head.

The Indian train is on its tracks now. As long as they are on them, they would pass through all those coins and as I said before, some get brightened again, while others simple fall off. The track denotes the path to the goal, the speed of the train is its zeal to get there, the wheels are its foundation and the engine is their hard work. There is one man in the history of Cricket who is synonymous for one word, ‘complete’. If one can make Sachin’s life into a group of human beings, you get the current Indian Team.

The morale is not to show down the coin, in fact the coin is as important as the train. The coins are Resurrected and attain Renaissance and they elevate the strength of the train. And one day the God comes in front of the coin and say, you are the next train…

Long live cricket and all those who elevate the game to new levels.

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