India is gearing up for its next election. Politics have stared seeping in to the main-stream and people are poised to take a stance. Of course like ever, they are confused. Unfortunately, Indian people seldom had choices. They got used to elect a lesser evil always.

I am no expert on general political scenario, but can at least identify a leader, which the ‘normal’ voter always failed to do so. In my home state of AP, I guess this elections will not only be historical but, will remain as the worst ever. The ruling party has amassed huge piles of cash by looting pubic money all these days is the most corrupt, un-ethical and rowdy party which has ever ruled the state. Unlike Mahabharata where the blind king Dhrutarashtra ignored the state’s harmony for his love towards his pride son, the current king (CM) is not blind and is certainly no Dhrutarashtra. I am afraid that this father-son duo cannot even be compared with Duryodhan as I would choose a trillion Duryodhans over this one CM. Their numero uno ambition of conglomerating resources as their empires and businesses has left the state with minimal resources and strapped wealth. If ever justice can be heard I can bet that this duo will be sentenced to a billion gas chambers and a trillion hangings. If people bring them back to power they can be rest assured; Andhra Pradesh will be renamed to Rajiv Pradesh and there is only one owner for all the land.

On the other side we have TDP, who I should say have some credibility based on their past. However, their new agenda of mixing up TRS makes them equally demon. TRS leader CSR is a broker, pimp and a terrorist. Their Telengana agenda is as clean as Musi River. He gives a shit to the ideology of a sperate state and all he bothers is to become a CM for something, even if it is one small gully. If TDP is like adultrated milk, TRS is poison.

The third front is PRP headed by the charismatic(non) leader Chiranjeevi. He started the party with an agenda to be clean and fight for social justice and there was nothing wrong until he realized that politics in India means goondgiri, bashing, rhetoric, empty promises and power gained by fear. Slowly but visibly, more and more murks have entered its party cadre and they are not only tainted but well known goondas.

Last but definitely least is Lok Satta headed by a ideological brain, JPN. He is straight, clear and a wit. But, alas these words are antonyms for politics and I do not see any future.

The conclusive voice of the lot are the the famously ignorant voters. They have successfully digged their own graves from decades and no one can stop them from doing so this time either. People who think doesn’t vote.

So we get to witness the largest Demo(n)cracy going for elections again. Trust me, it is better than any soap, any broadway, any tony, any golden globe.

One thought on “Demo(n)cracy

  1. Ita a tricky situation in AP, all main stream parties are equally clueless and announcing destructive policies when we are in verge of facing harsh global financial crisis

    I guess , voting for loksatta is the best option, even though they have less chance of winning, atleast we will vote for someone with a clean record and support the movement for clean politics

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