Return of the King

Return of the King

A deep sigh and relief as I joined millions of fans across the world to see the return of the king. Loved and admired as the greatest player ever, Roger Federer finally completed his career grand-slam by winning the much eluded French Open.

His awestuck performance in the final was just one more glimpse of what this brilliant ambassador of the game can do in tennis. His mortal reactions of winning the championship shows his humility and elivates the game to grater heights. His emotions respects the game in itself and his honor for the title is a mere example of his love for the game.

Not wishing to taking away anything from his compatriot Sordeling, Federer has dominated the proceedings in his traditional style dictating the opp0nent to play within his plan. Not many since I have started watching the game has such aura and armor of shorts, who can literally master the opponents style and thinking. There is no doubt that many agree and honored him with the ‘greatest player ever to have played the game’ that his strength lies in his thinking and a unique blend of totalitarian control of both back and fore hand with a masterful display of base-line as well as net approach.

I am simply lucky to have born to witness the generation of players who took tennis to such heights and play with such passion and dedication. Every player in the arena has his/her own strengths but few can write histories. I hope to see more great tennis from this master as in his own words, he is now releived of all the ‘burden’.

Great game Federer and long live tennis.

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