The Cry Babies

The Cry Babies

Opera and EU are two cry babies. They complain that MS ships its Windows Operating System with IE pre-installed and they both think that it is anti-competitive. I think both of them just go f*** themselves, literally.

The EU cry baby just wants to squeeze money out of a wonderfully rich MS by hook or crook. They talk about fair business practise when racism is their daily coffee. Do they file a similar complaint on Apple for shipping with Safari, obviously no. These are double standards.

Opera on other hand is crying like a baby that shipping Windows without IE is not ‘enough’. I guess they go lick Steve’s ass and get paid for that. They want Windows pre-installed with multiple browsers and what next; Install Linux, Unix, Solaris, Ubuntu, Mac OS, etc. stupid morons.

Every business has a right to produce a produce a product without involving in un-competitive practises. Windows does not stop one from installing Opera, but Apple does stop in many ‘other’ ways. I am not taking this as a Windows admirer or MS fan, but a common person who works out of technology day in and day out.

Grow up Opera and EU. Fetch yourself some ’tissues’.

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