Saina, with an I in the middle

Saina, with an I in the middle

Way to Saina, you’ve made us all proud. Congratulations on winning the Indonesia Super Series.

Saina NehwalBadminton is one sport I guess has been put in the back burner for quite a while in India. I was lucky enough to have played that sport for quite a while and personally I think I am a thorough professional in this game. It was more hereditary in nature than anything else, although my father had a big name in Ball Badminton, more famous in Andhra than anywhere else.

While I was working in Michigan we had a big gym which became our after-hours sporting joint mainly for Badminton. Anyway, the topic is not about me playing or have played the sport but Saina. With Sanias getting the fame, Sainas are mostly in the background whose reputation shows up on sports page once in a while when she wins a championship. True to her name, the Indian is right in the middle of her name and she play the sport with great enthusiasm and professionalism. I have watched here couple of time (mostly on YouTube) and was at awe! We Indians seldom can see a sports person of her caliber. The Badminton Federation has announced Rs.2 Lakhs cash prize for her achievement, which I guess is not bad but I don’t get it, Rs.2 lakshs for that achievement, common!?

Do you guys know how much a plyer gets to play circket in our Indian Cricket Team? Its a team sport and yet they make more than the richest guys in India and here we have one lone fighter who have more medals to her name than anyone India had produced in recent times.

I haven’t seen news she being congratulated by any of our Sport ministers or for that matter any polititian. They are busy with other stuff and just doesn’t care too much for Badminton. Don’t worry Saina, there are secret fans for you and we are behind in everything you acheive and do and wish you all the best. Way to go!

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