Vanity (Un)Fair

Vanity (Un)Fair

Hmm! I am so frustrated. The world has not stopped from discrimination and injustice. I am more pissed off on Vanity Fair to have initiated a voting to select the most handsome man on this planet and good God, Rob Pattison (The vampire hero of Twilight) was selected as the winner. This is not just fair, more so vanity fair.

World's Most Hansome ManOne guy was in the last minute thrown out of the short list as the judge panel discriminated based on his ethnicity, race, religion and origin. How un-fair, rather how vanity un-fair. I do not want you guys to miss him out so took the liberty of posting his picture here (screw copyrights). I bet he would win all those votes back if VF guys were to start the re-voting. Anyway, all those mo****s who voted for Pattison, look at this picture again and stop your discrimination.

Ooooops! the VF title was wrong, I am sorry! The competition was to select the World’s most handsome Wolverine, now I get it. Da!

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