Senate * Committee

Senate * Committee

First and foremost is that I would request the congress to kindly ‘grow up’. Wasting valuable time in the name of Senate * committee is wasting people’s time. The Supreme Court nomination of Sonia Sotomayor can easily beat Potter’s 7 episodes in length, breadth and conviction.

I guess if Jesus Christ was nominated instead, they would ask him “can you claim yourself be kind to other religions when you have long vocalized for the Christianity? Do you have the credentials to proclaim?”. Searching for a flawless person is like finding the first sand particle that made up a desert. I guess everyone is trying to prove that they have enough questions that claim to have provided discomfort to Sotomayor and hence they ‘accomplished’ the committee goals. What on earth are they trying to prove? Is there a person on this planet who did not do any wrong? Haven’t these guys looking into the mirror lately?

Everyday during my hour and half one-way drive to and forth to work, I have listened to enough hearings on Sotomayor by the Senate Judiciary committee. These committees have nothing to prove. A person testifies before congress of neither accepting nor denying a statement, which is the new definition of truth. Back in my school days, in one of middle school math classes, we had  a deduction.

“A statement is either TRUE or FALSE, but not both.”

I guess it was more about truth and people have long buried this fact in their minds. These time-wasting senate committees are enacting more of Shakespeare dramas than actual stuff when the nation was being ripped from its fundamental truths, hard-work by greedy corporations and straw-piping banking institutions.

We have enough un-employment creeping only up and for heaven’s sake the employed senators should do real work rather than interviewing candidates for months when minds were already made up.

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