I was like.. a Decade late !

I was like.. a Decade late !

We all went to Smoky last weekend cordially joined by my cousin and her family from Kentucky. Overall the trip was a nice experience. Kids had some good time and everyone specially enjoyed the cabin-stay.

With occasional ‘bear-sights’ the trip had its own memories, but the best one still remain crossing the little stream full of rocks on our way to Cedar Cove. Lakshmi and I were crossing this nature’s small beauty hand in had and it then stuck to me, wow! I am just a decade late in doing this thing.

It was far more than romantic to put ourselves knee deep in rushing cold water, smoothing the edges of rocks as they pass every second with a strange and melodious music when it hits the floor and a wonderful display of natural grays and whites. Be it small, but I will forever cherish this moment that I spent with Lakshmi for years to come and feel sorry for her that the hand she held was decade older.

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