SRK’s detention in Newark is not just unfortunate incident, it brings me back the Western imperialistic mind-frame to the forefront. He might not be a Gandhi that he situation requires such an uproar nor his ethnicity have to bear the brunt. For me its more Indian than any other paraphernalia.

Kalam was detained briefly in our own country and yet Continental was able to fly on our skies. The deplore was a mere rhetoric than action. It is a national shame than it hurts to be a Muslim. Call it ‘procedural’ or ‘routine’, these incidents strongly bear a stamp of imperialism. I pity such individuals who still live under that presumption of ‘domination’ as they go back to their toilets and forget that they clean their own buts every time.

This is not a over-cry or media exaggeration (of course they love to feed on this stuff), it is a mere protest against those individuals whose acts resonates imperialist behaviorism. No protest goes to the table these days unless there is economical impact, be it SRK, Kalam or Sudan. Had we banned Continental across the globe as ‘united Indian’ the protest would have been stronger and bring down those perverts to kneels, licking our buts.

Gandhi’s tool of Satyagraha has to be transformed into 21st century’s new norms. From Satya to Economics, the protest should be more of ‘Economicagraha’, hitting the bulls-eye at the center; making them cry, weep, kneel and ultimately surrender, again Imperialism Vs Imperialism, only this time its with a cause.

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