Arrogance Paid

Arrogance Paid

If there is one Cricket team that can only be more arrogant than itself, pat comes the answer as ‘Australia’ from any one. The team boasts itself of using ‘sledging’ as one of their main tactics and were always one step ahead of their opponents. This time around, the arrogance has been paid its due. Ashes defeat is not  just a display of two teams competing each other on Test Cricket and take the rubber away. England had proved what Australia in the end have lost more than what they have won. Individual players from Australia were so arrogant that their statements before and after the match were simply ridiculous. To say that I can definitely do a job is ‘confidence’ but to boast that ‘Only I can do this job’ is over-confidence and synonymous to arrogant stance.

I hope that Australia will learn its lesson that they have been the greatest team on earth not because of what they are but how they play. In the recent past, they have left this basic principle behind and came up with faces in front of Cricket.

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