Arrogance Paid

If there is one Cricket team that can only be more arrogant than itself, pat comes the answer as ‘Australia’ from any one. The team boasts itself of using ‘sledging’ as one of their main tactics and were always one step ahead of their opponents. This time around, the arrogance has been paid its due. Ashes defeat is not  just a display of two teams competing each other on Test Cricket and take the rubber away. England had proved what Australia in the end have lost more than what they have won. Individual players from Australia were so arrogant that their statements before and after the match were simply ridiculous. To say that I can definitely do a job is ‘confidence’ but to boast that ‘Only I can do this job’ is over-confidence and synonymous to arrogant stance.

I hope that Australia will learn its lesson that they have been the greatest team on earth not because of what they are but how they play. In the recent past, they have left this basic principle behind and came up with faces in front of Cricket.

..and the war continues..!

Counting days between cricket matches has become my hobby, a special mention of India and Australia on either side can only add desperation.

Now that the counting mode has shifted to few hours, a battle between the titans of Test Cricket is shortly underway. I do not care the result as my best guess always favors India, relentlessly in a stronger orthodox style. Everyone loves to see a champion fall hard, more so when the opponent is our own team, but Australia is a great Cricketing team who does ony one thing better, play the best Cricket that is humanly possible.

Feroz Shah Kotla, the favorite hunting ground for India, who have thrashed their opponents in their last 7 outings are eager to make it 8. And, Kumble might be already feeling pressure to perform at the same tone he had done in the past. With statistics at our fingertips, media has covered these contest like never before. They can even tell you how many time Kumble swept his face off sweat. This contest has already transpired into a war a war Australia desperately trying to contain and if not win it, at least get the compromise going on. I would watch these players very closely than ever before.

Sachin (he always tops my list, any list for that matter!)
With the big monkey off his back, he will be enjoying his cricket like never before. His intentions are more team-centric but he is a wizard in manipulating the bowlers and its a treat to watch how he handles Stuart Clark (if he is in the playing 11) and Bret Lee.

Having drawn the curtains over his retirement, he is I think the best person to watch when batting.

No person would be best to score a ton other than Sehwag. He is raring to go and after all its his home ground. Being in his prime form, he single goal is to destroy their bowling and make sure it doesn’t recover from that.

He is in his own trouble world and he desperately wants to get out of it, sooner than later and he shall have to prove a point here, not for anyone but for himself. We can expect him to come very hard on our bowlers as long as he stays or he will fell too cheaply trying to do something he has not done ever before.

More than Cricket I expect him to play with fire in his mouth and sweat on his tongue. He will do everything he can to avoid a defeat, be it slow over rate, wasting time or just jump into arguments with the umpires.

Micheal Clark
A cunning customer of Cricket who doesn’t play the game in it spirit, ever. Expect him to be the thorn in the Indian turf and it is interesting to watch how we burn that down.

and finally…

Dravid & Lakshman
Tow men, two stunning personalities. Test cricket runs in their veins and they haven’t really showed it yet. Both look in good knock with luck not favoring them enough. If Gods are merciful, they will create havoc from which a trillion Australian Teams would not return.

Wish all the best for India. I hope they just won’t crush them, but kill’em, better yet, at their own game.

Chanakya’s Wisdom

Let me tell you something up front, this article is not about History or Chanakya in particular. Its just that we are turning a leaf of that great genius and quoting it here.

When Chandragupta was young and being trained by Chanakya, on their way a thorn was stuck in Chanakya’s leg. Being a person who does not loose any opportunity to teach Chanakya, he quickly grabbed the pinching thorn by his hand out of his leg and did not whisper a sound. Two lessons here. One, you do not show your pain when something strikes and two you should be able to pull it, right up.

He then took that thorn, burned it into ashes and then buried it under a foot of soil. Obviously amused and clueless, Gupta asked Chankya “what did you do that for?”. Chanakya quietly replied “You should never leave a trace of enemy, not even his remains. If I put the thorn away, who knows it might hurt one more person again, it might grow into a small plant and cultivate more thorns. By burning it, I made sure it never came back”.

Chanakya’s theory is simple yet powerful. Do not defeat the enemy, destroy them. Now, coming back to the actual story, I took the pain to pull that page out of Chanakya’s life was to draw a comparison to the ongoing India Vs Australia Series.

The 2nd test match is more or less Chanakya’s wisdom. Dhoni applied the morale of the story to this test match and crushed Australians to make sure they never came back. Australians never faced a team which intimidates them so much ever, they were never underdogs and neither were so weak. It is a world class team, which learns from its own mistakes and excels when it matters. However, the current Indian team is almost invincible, un-beaten and will play with utmost aggression.

It is not every day you can expect Sehwag, Gambhir, Dravid, Sachin, Lakshman, Ganguly and Dhoni fail, if so do it at your own peril. It is world’s most devastating line-up anyone could ever imagine. There is only one way India will loose a test match in this series, if all those batsmen mentioned above do not bat well, read, do not bat well, it doesn’t matter if Australia bowlers are good or bad. At least, Dravid, Sachin and Lakshman are those batsmen, who get out of their own mistakes rather than a good ball.

This is the time to stamp the authority on Australian Team and who could do that better than India.

India vs Impotents

Soon after the announcement of the team to Australian Series, I was ecstasic about watching high quality cricketing season, with much enthusiasm and a great spirit. The impotent Australian Cricket Team (along with Umpires) has seriously let down everything that Cricket stood for this century in drain. Ponting is more interested in revenge, cheating, abuse, anger, deceit than the true spirit of Cricket. Today in history of Cricket, he will forever be written in bold blood letters as the most impotent players we ever saw in this game. Symonds, Clark, Hogg will go down the drain not for playing Cricket but cheating. It is a big shame on BCCI’s part to still be continuing the series after humiliation, deceit and robbing of honor.

Australia managed by cheating and luck to get out Dravid, Lakshman, Sachin and Ganguly. The rest is history. The Australian commentory was all time low, they even pronounced Symond’s innings as greatest and termed the inefficiency of Indian bowlers for not able to get him OUT (6 times). On top of it the allegation on Harbhajan for racial abuse. History knows, poeple know who are famous for sledging and which team in the history of Cricket is known for cancerical mouth.

The rules of Cricket were different for both teams. Ponting knew he grassed the catch and still appealed. Thanks to cameras, or he would have even pulled that one out.

I am waiting for the day when I read in a newspaper that Ponting’s Son say to his dad; “You were cheating and winning matches for Australia, I would better loose with honor than cheat and win”. Few people are unfortunately to be born as Impotents, few make themselves out, Ponting is one such.

I would rest Sachin, Kumble, Harbhajan, Dravid, Lakshman and Ganguly for the next test and make Steve Bucknor as the captain of Indian team. The rest of them play because they need some ‘net’ practise.

If I were the chairman of BCCI, I would have asked Ponting to lick my shoes on Perth’s wicket and kneel him down right there!

Shame Australian Cricket Team, Shame BCCI and Shame ICC.

Just One

Just one WIN was all the difference between tieing the series and loosing it. It may sound funny to compare India and Australia as teams, but in reality the difference in not a whole lot. Before jumping to any conclusions, think of realities and the truth. While our batsmen face the best in the world bowling, Australians face may be the worst in the game. Sreesanth is best suited to be a Marine. Given a machine gun, he can spread the bullets in all directions instantly killing all the enemies. Cricket however is different and he successfully delivered his Marine skills and sprayed the ball all over. Just imagine Ganguly or Sachin facing that bowling and think what they would have done to him. I bet, on any given day, their strike rate would be over 200 and would hit a century in every match.

Our batting failed far less times than our bowling. Looking at our bowlers, I thought for most of the time, that they were bowling with a ball in their hands than their brains in their heads. All it takes for sachin to hit a four is a ball out side the off stump pitching on good length. For those who watched him play yesterday would have noticed that. There is a difference between God and Man and a Lion and Dog in every single boundary he hit against any batsmen in the entire tournament. Indians are lucky for the fact that Sachin and Ganguly are not in Australia team, God heavens, if that was true, their normal one day team score would be beyond 500 runs.

In the end, we should have won the match at Vadodara and the series would have tied. If the difference in scores is any gauge, the difference in bowling is a big measure too. The difference is that Australia always finds bowlers, every time all the time and we fail in that area desperately. Batting is all we got and our fielding will take a miracle to transform.

The last one-day would have been a comprehensive victory if our pacemen bowled into the left handers and away from right handers and they exactly did the opposite. India dropped eighteen catches in total while Australia dropped two.

And for those who think ‘Sachin’ should retire, THINK CRICKET. And for your records..

Player Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 0 4s 6s
ML Hayden (Aus) 29 28 3 1555 181* 62.20 1746 89.06 5 6 1 163 35
RT Ponting (Aus) 24 22 4 1183 113 65.72 1312 90.16 3 8 0 121 14
SR Tendulkar (India) 28 27 2 1166 100* 46.64 1411 82.63 1 11 3 150 11
SC Ganguly (Asia/India) 28 26 2 1151 98 47.95 1589 72.43 0 12 2 119 20
DPMD Jayawardene (Asia/SL) 32 31 2 1089 115* 37.55 1322 82.37 2 8 4 90 17

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