The Kings area back

The Kings area back

With the death of AP’s CM comes the million dollar question. Who is that macho who would take the reins and build an empire on his own. Well, the process is simple during pre-Raj days. The eldest son of the King would always succeed the throne, the Aristocratic way of electing the people’s representatives.

The funny part is not much has changed since then. Panditji’s mantle was carried over by Indira and her legacy was safe-guarded by Rajiv and his echoes are being resonated by Sonia. Keeping the same Congress tradition, the AP’s legislatures have proposed YSR Reddy’s son Mr.Jaganmohan Reddy as the leader of the legislative council and become the next CM of AP. He is young, dynamic, youthful, energetic and simultaneously hold a ‘unique’ distinction of being previous CM’s son, a novice in political arena and inexperienced. Being the last King’s son, he certainly qualifies for the post but, wait a second, is India a Democratic Republic, I guess I was wrong, its not? The political heirs have long been carrying the tradition of staying-in-the-family and well this cannot be different.So what, didn’t Ram became the king after Dasarath? why not Jaganmohan Reddy then. Oh! you must be thinking Democracy again, go to hell!

So if the next elections are won by TDP, can we expect that Lokesh to be the next CM after his father,who knows it can happen. And, therefore I suggest to the interest of the nation and for the welfare of the people that next time when general elections happen, choose a Bheeshma, who doesn’t have any heirs, legal or illegal. You then are gauranteed to upkeep the Democracy of the Democratic Republic, doesn’t we.

Next time around, to make things simple and easy, I suggest that these CM’s name their children after them and just assign I, II, III and so forth. AP will then have YSR the II as the next CM followed by CBN II and then YSR III and this can go on.

Move aside Democracy, the Kings are back!

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