1st Day of School….

1st Day of School….

Hmm! the more I think the more I am awestruck. I think, what’s the big deal, after all the Kids will be going to their schools starting today? Butterfly churns in my stomach had taken its toll on me and to top that a 2 hour drive to office makes it even worse. Lakshmi had the worst of the lot, Tanmai successfully held his first oscar going to the school. He threw up and cried as if his DS broke.

Thinking back..

  1. Had to make sure we had school supplies for Tanmai. Had to go to 3 different stores on two different days just for finding a pack of HB#2 pencils. Can you imagine that?
  2. Think ahead a month in advance of what the breakfast would be and who picks up Nikhita.
  3. Re-arrange all the doctors appointments and make sure they fall under ‘work-from-home-day’ category. The nearest appointment was in 2015 (just kidding).
  4. Took two hours to reach the office for both of us, quite a day-mare.
  5. What to eat, what to pack, what to take, where to go, when to go, why to do, what to do, when to do…only questions with relatively subtle and volatile answers.
  6. Now that I went back, that’s lot of stuff to do, don’t you think so.

Finding solace writing the code again…

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