Naming Convention

Naming Convention

It is a trend in AP to name projects and places after two persons, both do not have any credentials what so ever personally or politically to be considered great people. While one person at least had ‘citizenship’ (please read that a citizen is a person who obeys the land of the law/birth) while the other one was very close to being a terrorist (by definition a terrorist is a person who inflicts damage on society without provocation and with immorality). Keeping this trend the AP Govt. named few projects after YSR and some were being renamed after him. In India we have a unique disease of naming places after people whose contributions normally terrorize people. Of course there are exceptions like Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Sastri, Patel, etc.

So, I urge the Govt. of AP to name the newly discovered H1N1 after their favorite leader which actually attributes to their personalities. Similarly Musi River should be named after their favorite leaders as well as Dengue, Leprosy, AIDS, etc after them. They rightly deserve them.

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