SorrowMy heart is with those who have lost their near & dear in Southern India’s floods. I am guilty of not extending any sort of help other than lambasting the officials supervising the relief efforts. Nevertheless good Samaritans from across India have done their citizen duties helping the victims and extending their faith to keep them going. I wish mother nature had little more sympathy on those poor people, which eventually she did, and bless them with crops and fruit.

Chinese aggression as I have mentioned in my twit reminds me Nehru’s description in one word, backstabbing. Powerdavid-and-goliath hungry dictators ruling that land will someday learn the lesson of aggression and more than anyone, history shall repeat again and teach them a message. A wise man shall accept a strong nut than a weak wise. Their identity as a modern nation very much in debts to Nehru’s protege and it seems to me that people who have forgotten their past never will have a future. I am waiting for the time to give the answer!

Terrorist brief siege at army headquarters in Pakistan was the most funniest news I read in recent times. Please forgive me as loss of life is loss of everything for some people. suicidalHowever, terrorists storming army headquarters to me was like terrorists attaching terrorists, which bound to happen one day. You can only wait for the snake to bite you when you milk it for a while. Pakistan’s state policy of ‘sponsored terrorism’ will one day eat itself. It’s like an AIDS patient threatening others that they’ll have sex with others unless they confine to their ideas. The patient will die one day, a MISERABLE DEATH.

Gas prices are on rise in US forecasting greater demand in travel. Someone really thinks that people are brainless dumb asses. gas_prices_largeNever in the history of this great country there was a demand for gas more than in summer. With unemployment closing in on two digits, people are trying to get to all corners to cut the costs. Some greedy bastards set the ‘future’ prices on a speculated demand, which is nothing short of what I call terrorism (inflicting greater pain on mass population without provoking and reason). The Government shall first have to tackle these financial terrorist before running after those whom I think deserves the least of the attention at this time.

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